Live Review: Trees without Knees last show

Trees Without Knees, Burgers Of Beef, ZX Specky, The Doozers
Thursday 24th August 2006
Review by Rohan Hewson

Lamefest: it was billed as a celebration of all things lame, and when it became known that the Trees Without Knees were breaking up, it became their farewell gig too. Well, in the spirit of lameness, I wore a colour-blind outfit to Mojo’s, and then managed to completely miss the Doozers… hey, sorry for being LAME, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

ZX Specky play the kind of straight up punk Frenzal Rhomb don’t have the balls to any more… the highlight was probably the song ‘Morning Birds Fuck Off!’, which anyone in the crowd who’d ever experienced a monster hangover or drinking session could relate to. Oh, and their drummer played shirtless.

The Burgers of Beef played a pretty bog standard set. Of course, for the Burgers, ‘bog standard’ meant I was grinning like a loon by the end of the set… songs about the tooth fairy or vengeful DJ’s will do that. They can always be relied upon to brighten up a gig, even though frontman Chad was just about passing out from what he described as bird flu. At least he made it to the end of the set… that’s all that matters.

Trees Without Knees played their last set to about 20 people, and missing a guitarist. It’s always a shame seeing a perfectly good band split up, and doubly so when they play to an empty house. Most of the crowd were their friends, though. They didn’t go out with as much of a bang as they could have, due to playing as a three piece; however, they still got a decent round of applause for each song… that’s what friends are for.

Their music could be described as quirky alt-rock, influenced by bands like Pavement and the Fauves, changing tempo or key up to half a dozen times per song. They played some songs off their recent EP ‘Let Me Tell You A Tale’, and also some older material, notably ‘Trench Life’. I’d never heard the song before, but some of their mates (half of Roleystone, from what I heard) kept on calling out for it. They eventually played it last, and singer Andrew invited half the crowd up on stage to sing it… instead of him.

Naturally they were all so boozed they couldn’t tell one end of a microphone from the other, and it ended up sounding rather messy. I’m sure they thought it was special though, and that is what it’s all about. And they recorded a decent CD, which is more than many bands in Perth better than them ever get to do. Adios, Trees Without Knees… you will be missed.


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