Live Reviews: Mo Wilson/The Panda Band

Mo Wilson/MF Truckload of Hope/Roly Skender and The Tonics
Swan Basement
1st Sept 2006
Review by Leo Abbs

The sad side of local music shows is sometimes, the best shows are played to a crowd of very little. Tonight was one of those occasions. While each band may argue they weren’t at their best, it was more the combination of the three bands which complimented each other’s style while all being unique, that made the night tops.

Roly skender’s band was absolutely fantastic tonight. For a band that I’ve never seen before, they sounded shit hot. Some very talented musicians putting their own stamp on some rock with country/bluesy edge – it was hard to pinpoint the sound, but not hard to stand there and say wow.

Being more familiar with Mo Wilson’s work, it was great to see the band again. One of those bands, that can fit in on many lineups, they looked most at home in a bill like tonight. A member down, Luke, who was on tour with Karnivool (he’s their sound guy) they played a stripped back set with no guitar.

If you really like piano driven music, that isn’t shit like Ben Folds, more like Nick Cave, check them out. And freo people take note – this may be the first band to write a song about White Gum Valley, not wandin Valley, but ‘the Crows of White gum Walley’.

Panda Band Cd Launch – The Fly By Night
Saturday 2nd September 2006

Insomnia struck me all week, so when I managed to fall asleep on sat night i was relieved, but frustrating enough, i was woken by an sms at around 10.30, so after that I headed to the Fly By Night, to see if i could catch The Panda Band.

I managed to get their after the door person had packed up, so it’s cost me nothing and walked into the sounds of ‘Eyelashes’, one of the few panda songs I know. They sounded in fine form – anyone should for their cd launch – but there was fuck all people there considering the reputation of this group, and the hype they’ve had. For a band like that to launch their cd to less than 150 payers is very surprising.

Maybe they hadn’t put in the marketing effort, or they shouldn’t have booked Freo, but that’s a small turn out in my eyes. Especially when I saw a local metal gig at Freo Metro’s farewelling Seraphim pull more people on a friday night recently.

So basically, more people need to go out.

Photo by Frog Delacroix –


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