Interview: Hooper’s Store

Hooper’s Store
Interview by Graham Knapp

Photo by Frog Delacroix

1. Who is in your band and what do you play?

Lee Canestrini – Drums
Chris Sorgiovanni – Guitar
Ben Sorgiovanni – Bass

Chris: I play Guitar ,although Ben answered some of these.

2. How did it all get started?
We played in various bands together since high school. Lee and I were jammin it
up in Lee’s shed, Ben returned from a trip to England and Hoopers Store began.

3. Hooper’s store caught the attention of a lot of punters in the NBT heats,
having had some time to reflect- what did the NBT comp mean for your band?
NBT was great. Like being catapulted into space by a gigantic G-string (sling- shot style)!

4. If you could assinate any politician and walk free, who would cop it? (You
don’t have to answer that one )
I would throw eggs at John Howard.

5. Are you guys looking for a life on the road, as such? Is there a gameplan
for Hooper’s Store?
We don’t have a game-plan really.

6. Did you get any cool prizes from the NBT?
Yes, lots. They are very nice people indeed.

7. Favourite gig you have played and why?
Probably next big thing final, because we never expected to be there. Or
supporting Pivot, because we got to play with Pivot!.

8. Describe your sound?
Garage / Hyphy / Grime (with instruments)

9. What do you guys think about having the NBT judges make live comments to
bands. Like on Australian idol, for next year?
Could get ugly.

10. Name a local act you really wanna play with.
Adam Said Galore.


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