New Band Profile for September – The Government

New Band Profile For September: The GovernmentBand Name: The Government

Band Members: Jenna Hardie (vocals, guitar), Sarah Norton (vocals, bass), Anthony Chiovitti (lead guitar), Chris Howe (drums).

There’s a little bit of a\nlot of influence… just to name a few…..Pixies, Queens of the Stone\nAge, Howling Bells, The Screaming Trees and so many more, being the LOVERS of\nrock that we are!!!

Favourite Perth bands:
Mink Mussel Creek, The Fuzz, From the Skies, The Avenues, The Flairz, Little\nBirdy, Sleepy
Jackson, The Sugar Army, Snowman.

There are ROCK songs, there are\nMOODY songs, and there is even a song we like to refer to as THE EPIC.

Where does\nyour band name from :
Jenna\nand Bruna after a big night out (Jenna’s birthday 2005) sat down and\nworkshop-d the band names over and over until we came up with The\nGovernment… and that was it… the name of the band… you gotta\nlove the gov!!!

Upcoming gigs:
Thursday 7 September at Norfolk\nBasement Bar with Jeff Strong, Dave Pensabene and DJ Skatergirl

Thursday 21 September at Hyde\nPark Hotel, supporting DAY OF THE DEAD (free entry)

Thursday 5 October at Mojos Bar

Website: :

Mp3s: not yet… they are on the way… we are planning to hit a studio and record a demo in the next couple of months and then we’ll post it on our myspace for your listening pleasure.

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