Tour Diary: Antistatic

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

6 shows. 5 days. 4 flights. 3 states. 2 sold out EPs. 1 killer east coast run.
Current mood: accomplished

Hey guys..Drew here. Hope you’re all well.

I’m writing this as we sit on the plane home from Brisbane to Perth. The first run of our national tour supporting Karnivool and Blindspott has come to an end and it has been so rad I don’t know where to start. But here goes..

What a crazy run. This week we played six rad shows throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, making heaps of new friends all over the east coast. Every night was huge with around half the shows selling out entirely. Vibes both on and offstage were fucking electric and we still can’t believe the response we have been getting from the crowds, especially it being our first time out of WA. Huge thanks to everyone who came out early and made us feel welcome by filling out the front of the rooms. We’ve posted up some photos from the Hifi Bar show in Melbourne, check ’em out. Thanks Sam!

Very stoked to report also that we sold out of the entire stock of both our EPs we took along on tour and that we have had to order heaps more for the upcoming shows. We’ll have some new merch at the Perth shows so check that out. We’ve had a total blast checking out the country but we are hanging to play some Perth shows and catch up with you all.

We ran into a whole lot of cool people on our travels. Throughout the tour we bumped into dudes like Darren and Karl from Kisschasy and Flynn from Cog, who joined us for a beer and had some really flattering things to say about the band and the show. We really respect and look up to a bunch of those cats, so that was killer!

The Blindspott guys were awesome to us and we had a great time hanging with those boys every night. Down to earth, cool guys that just keep it real. Tops. It sucks they can’t make it to Perth, they put on a great show. Check out their new album, “End The Silence.” Hope to see y’all again soon! Karnivool were on top of their game too, great dudes, great band..always a pleasure to play with those guys.

We’ve all had fuck all sleep this week so I’ll wrap it up about here. Big, big love to everyone who came down to the shows, you guys rule. I must make special mention of our light/sound/tour management dreamteam who kept the ship afloat – cheers Burb, Griff and Luke. Special props to Jarrad and Alana, long time dear friends of ours who put us up in Melbourne. (Jarrad produced “Stand Up In Disguise” and even came along to two of the shows to pull some killer mixes! Nice one!!)

To everyone who’s been voting for “Stand Up In Disguise” on JJJ and various other radio stations…thanks! You can make your JJJ requests once everyday, please continue to hassle those guys for us as play is definitely picking up. Keep it up and help us spread the word. We appreciate it.

All in all, totally stoked. Big success! See you Perthies next week…and bring on the rest of the tour!

Static xoxo


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