Cd Review – Snowman – Snowman

Snowman – ‘Snowman’ Album
Review by Leo Abbs

It’s hard to know how to describe a band like Snowman. A cynic may say it’s just surf rock with weird vocals, but alas, there’s so much more going on than that. This album works together as one package, while still covering much musical territory, and there are no annoying interludes like the previous mini-album.

Stand out tracks include’ You Are A Casino’ (which would make a great choice for a single), ‘Bloodmoney’ (which was on the 2006 wami compilation) and ’Last Train Outta Town’ (check out the intro!). It’s on tracks like these, where the band is starting to sing more, without compromising their sound. So, yes to answer those questions like ‘Do they actually sing now?’. Yes, they do. Sometimes, anyway…

Weak points on the disc are more because ideas start off brilliantly, but don’t quite reach the mark. These include ‘Black Tide’ which is more of an introduction to the album. It sounds cool the first time, but after a few listens it could leave the listener reaching for the skip button, and ‘Shake Your Brains’, brilliant but disappointing because it is frustratingly short.

All in all, it’s a superb debut album, but definitely one for those who are adventurous about what they choose to listen to, rather than those who like their music safe and predictable.


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