Disability in the Arts Disadvantage in the Arts Australia (WA) (DADAA WA)

Company Profile

Disability in the Arts Disadvantage in the Arts Australia (WA) (DADAA WA) is an organization that promotes the arts as a means to build communities by working with them to develop innovative arts processes reflecting the specific needs of their members with disabilities.

Value to the Community

  • DADAA WA has a State-wide reach with arts programs in metropolitan, rural, regional and remote areas such as Fremantle (head office), Clarkson/Joondalup, Midland, Rockingham, Albany, Bunbury, Broome, Kunnunnurra, Punmu, Purrngurr and Kunnawarritji
  • DADAA WA improves health, self-esteem and employability through its arts program delivery, with the long-term aim of decreasing reliance on the health and welfare sector. The arts program has succeeded in reducing substance abuse in communities and provides recreational opportunities for people with disabilities who have little or no day occupation
  • DADAA WA arts workshops, projects and outcomes provide pathways to training and employment for individuals and communities as well as providing respite for families and carers
  • DADAA WA directly services the arts needs of young people (approximately 35% of participants) through its program delivery
  • DADAA WA’s Creative Spaces venue provides marginalized members of our community with an accessible place to develop their art skills and build enterprise opportunities
  • DADAA WA promotes the value of Western Australian artists with disabilities nationally and internationally through exchanges, touring exhibitions, conferences, website and the DADAA National Network
  • DADAA WA exhibits, produces, publishes to the highest possible standard all the original work of the participants in the visual art, performance, dance, literature, multimedia, multi-arts and music programs

Partnership Benefits Offered

DADAA WA offers the following benefits to a business partner:

  • Viewed positively by government, community, staff and shareholders as a company making a difference in WA
  • Professional expertise to assist a company to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace
  • Referrals to qualified access consultants and resources to look at access issues for people with disabilities
  • Opportunity for employees to develop new skills through involvement in DADAA WA events
  • Positive media coverage of the company’s commitment to WA
  • Logo acknowledgement on DADAA WA promotional material
  • Invitations and ticket allocations to DADAA WA events

Partnership Benefits Sought

DADAA WA seeks the following benefits in a partnership with a business:

  • Cash
  • In-kind services
  • Cost reductions
  • Products as appropriate
  • Creative spaces in Midland, Clarkson and Rockingham
  • In-kind or reduced air travel
  • In-kind vehicle travel
  • Alignment with corporations with best practice reputations
  • Introductions to corporate colleagues and suppliers
  • Access to marketing personnel for advice on the implementation of a marketing plan and on promotion of the DADAA WA brand
  • Professional expertise and mentoring in regard to the corporate operations of DADAA WA
  • Employees volunteering for special events

Contact Name Simone Flavelle
Title Sponsorship and Marketing
Telephone 08 9430 6616
Fax 08 9336 4008
Address 21 Beach Street
Fremantle WA 6160

PO Box 1080
Fremantle WA 6959

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