Leo Says: You’re crap unless you are on the radio

I read someone’s blog a few months ago. They said they heard a local performer and was surprised how good he was. They said they thought people who didn’t get played on (commercial) radio were no good, but this guy was actually good.

It seems this is not an uncommon thought. For example Bob Evans is now getting played on commerical radio (including 94.5 and sunshine I’m told0 and is pulling big crowds. Well deserved success. He’s pulling big crowds and people love hearing his album songs live.

The odd thing is, performers often perform previews of albums up a to year before the album is released. Quite a few of the songs of ‘suburban songbook’ i heard in early 1995 at a wami show. Also, eskimo joe’s new album is massive. And it costs something like 30 dollars to see them. yet Kav was playing solo shows around Perth for less than ten dollars playing most of the songs from ‘blackfingernails, Red wine’ in the year before it was released.

So I guess the morale of this column today, is don’t wait until a band gets played on the radio, if someone tells you a band is awesome (Like Dee Dee Dums – they were awesome at the swan last night) go and check them out. You don’t need to own an album or hear them on 96fm and fork out 30 bucks and be in a squashed shitty nightclub, to see a good show.

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