Cd Review: Autumn Isles – Beautiful pantomine

Autumn Isles – Beautiful Pantomine
Review by Dylan McArdle

When I think of Indi-pop in Perth, bands such as (my personal favourites) The Bank Holidays, Institut Polaire or (long since defunct) Turnstyle usually spring to mind. Fellow indi-poppers The Autumn Isles have been around for a little while and are also trying to make an name for themselves with the realise of their debut EP ‘A Beautiful Pantomime’.

It’s quite a short disc at only 12 minutes long, but in true indi-pop tradition it’s very catchy from the first bar of (the intro-esque tack) ‘Light Rolls In’ (which has a very 60’s feel to me). The title track ‘Beautiful Pantomime’ will no doubt draw comparisons to The Bank Holidays, but I don’t care. I love the guitar, Alex’s vocals and Russ’ drumming. And that sing-along chorus too…if only I knew all the words to the song!

‘Slave’ is another catchy tune with a slightly faster tempo and electric organ-style keyboards. Again Russell Loasby’s dffrumming is put to good effect and makes it a kinda ‘toe tapping’ sonrrg.

The final track ‘For Clairvoyance You Need A Dry Clear Day’ closes the short CD just like ‘Light Rolls In’ opens it. It’s an instrumental track and (with the organs) it wouldn’t feel out of place being played an church or a cathedral. It’s a shame there’s not another track like the previous two as I guess I’d just had my appetite wet listening to them.

I’m not sure I could describe this CD as a beautiful pantomime; it’s more a beautiful introduction to a pantomime in the works and I look forward to hearing more from The Autumn Isles in the future.
Review by Dylan McArdle


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