Interview: 7 Years

7 Years
Interview by Leo Abbs

What is the title of your cd and where did the name come from?
Everyone, Everywhere is searching for something…

How many tracks and why did you decide to go with that number?
There are 7 tracks on the EP, we wanted to try and get a broad description of the 7 Years sound so therefore we chose songs that have variety and can show different aspects of our sound. The songs are quite short so we also wanted to make sure people get their moneys worth from the EP.

Favourite track on the disc?
Each member of 7 Years has their own favorite but I think the two crowd favorites are Always and From Above. These songs have a lot of energy and catchy melodies.

Where did you record and how did the process go for the band?
The EP was recorded between two studios. We laid the drums down at Satellite studios with Gavin Tempany and laid the rest at Gav’s home studio. The recording process was very time consuming as Gav was often touring with Little Birdy and Eskimo Joe. The recording itself went smoothly and it was a good learning curve for us. We started the recording in February and sent it off to mastering around August, now were just looking forward to getting it out there.

How long has the band been together?
The current line up has been together just under 2 years. We were all in different bands before this and through the trusty X-Press magazine 7 Years formed in February 2005.

Best part about being in a band/ worst part of being in a band?
Well I guess the worst part about being in a band is that it can get very frustrating. Lack of venues in Perth doesn’t help and I guess in Perth a lot of people would prefer to check out cover bands than to head down to see some original talent. The best part though far outweighs the bad and that would be the people we’ve met on this short journey. We’ve met some great people and some awesome bands and that makes it all worth it.

Five bands that describe the influences of 7 Years?
Green Day, Foo Fighters, Amberlin, The Beatles and Blink 182.

I have to ask – where did the band name come from?
We don’t really know actually, it was just something that came out and we all thought it sounded pretty cool. I guess a lot of things relate to 7 Years as in 7 Years bad luck, 7 Years itch… just seemed to fit I guess.

Favourite Perth bands?
Our local favorite bands would have to include Calerway, Gyroscope, Last Years Hero, Anime Fire, Ellipsis and rock band like The Reserves, Lucid and Why Wednesday. The scene at the moment is thriving and there are so many good bands out there.

What is the writing process of 7 years?
The majority of the songwriting is done by Jez and Matt and they bring the skeleton of the songs to rehearsals and they’re worked on form there. Once the basics are done, the band puts in the fills and drums till we have a finished product.

Launch Details?
The launch is held this Saturday Night – 23rd December 2006, and supported by Fallen Away, Lucid and Ellipsis. $8 entry or $15 with an EP.


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