Review: Gigantic EP

Gigantic – Gigantaphonic Sounds
Review by Dylan McArdle

After seeing local pop act Gigantic support The Fauves back in September, I was keen to check out their upcoming ‘Gigantaphonic Sounds’ album. When I finally got my hands on it, my initial impressions where that it was a really bland pop CD and there was nothing particularly special about it. But thankfully I persisted with listening to it and I’ll admit it’s really grown on me, to the point where I really like this CD. There are a number of good songs on the album and while they all basically follow the same formula there’s still enough variety to make you want to listen all the way through.

Most of the songs are a mixture of ‘radio friendly’ pop/rock songs and ballads. I prefer the band’s rockier (and almost darker) sound, like the appropriately titled ‘Mr Sound’, ‘Coaster’ and the very 70’s disco pop styled ‘Be No More’. There are a number of acoustic guitar tracks and the opening track ‘Some Suburban Road’ is the pick of that bunch, with their clever use of keyboards and backing vocals. It’s definitely a sing-along-track.

The ballads don’t do much for me and they are the weak point of the album. The moody track, ‘Nice’, is the exception to that with the orchestral backing track really complementing Di Renzo’s vocals.

‘Surf Madness’ is by far the standout track and it’s a pity it’s almost at the end of the album as it was the song that really got me into the CD. I really wanted to listen to it over and over again (and I did).

Like many other CD’s out of Perth (Steve Parkin’s CD comes to mind), the Debaser crew have had their hand in mixing and producing the CD and the CD cover notes read like a ‘who’s who’ of the local music scene. The band have put these musicians to good use on the CD and I’m sure the CD is better for having had them work on it, with the extra instruments and vocals giving the band an extra ‘dimension’.

Interestingly enough, the song ‘Steam Girl’ was used on promotional CDs that the band gave away at gigs and in my opinion this is my least favourite song on the CD.

While this CD will never rack up gigantic sales (pardon the pun), I definitely think it’s worth giving it a listen or at least checking out the band live. A number of other reviewers have said Gigantic are nothing special, but you might just be pleasantly surprised…


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