Interview: Fear Of Comedy

Leith Tierney from Fear of Comedy

Interview by Leo Abbs

1. The CD you are releasing is ‘murder is sexy’. Why did you go with that name?
Well, murder IS sexy. Think about it.

2. Where did you record and how did the process go for the band?
if we told you that, we’d have to kill you. as you can imagine, we’re tempted to tell you. but lets just say, the process was lengthy but rewarding. It has taken us quite a while to get this recording out, and we are pleased with the results. We are drunk on the juice made from the fruits of our labour.

3. What is your favourite lyrics on ‘Murder Made Sexy’?
“There’s no exceptions child, we all have our mistakes, as we get deeper down, we see the mess we’ve made, and we reap what we’ve sown, on judgement day. – March of the Blood

“then Johnny burns Betty with his – cigarette” – Good Luck, Johnny.

“come on, lets get creepy” – Murder made Sexy

4 Leith, you previously played in Life Of Mars and A Means To An End how does Fear Of Comedy compare to those bands?
Absolutely nothing beats being a frontman. But..If those bands didn’t exist, i wouldn’t have came to where i am now musically.. AMTAE was my first band, a band of best friends and those were the first songs i ever wrote. I did enjoy being the chief song writer and playing with a group of guys who were EXACTLY on the same page as me, I’ve found a fear of comedy to be a similar experience.

Life on Mars were great to have played with, all amazing people, looking back the songs were great and played exceptionally well, just a little too commercial for my tastes. I have many underground or cult music influences and so the music I make tends to be more of that nature.

5. What is the writing process of Fear of Comedy?
usually, either Jimmy Nightmare, Nathan the Knife or myself, will come up with the basic idea and riff of the song and pitch it to the rest of the band. if it fits in with the rest of our songs and at the same time as progresses our sound, then its a winner. we like to push our own envelopes. at the same time as refining our musical identity. nothing is sacred, we’re not confined to any particular genre, but we are concerned with keeping with what you’ve come to expect from Fear of Comedy. we’re only a few songs away from DEATH JAZZ, INDUSTRIALBILLY, GOTHIC MOTWON or a MEXICAN OPERA. we’re only happy if your head hurts.

6. What is the best part and worst part about being in Fear Of Comedy?
The best part is having an outlet for your daily frustrations.
The worst part is the band being a source of daily frustrations.

7. What do you like about Perth music, and what do you dislike?
There are plenty of great things going on in the Perth music scene. One thing i strongly believe is that Perth’s next big exports should come from our Punk, Psychobilly, Goth, Rockabilly, Metal and left of center bands, with a bit of support behind them they could reach a much larger market, regardless of whatever niche they are in. These bands ARE Perth music.

The pop, indie and soft rock scene in Perth and the world in general, just doesn’t interest me, hopefully I’m not alone there. I’m sure those bands are very talented and good at what they do, but i can only imagine how many other bands are jostling for positions in charts, all equally subliminally catchy, hooky, and jam packed with pop sensibility. That sort of music has had its time in the sun. as soon as its played in elevators, its time to try give something else a go.

We’ve already had U2, Coldplay and The Police..lets move on shall we? Its time for the underground to surface once and for all.

Also,here’s an idea, how about successful Perth bands “sponsor” a new up and coming band. to give them the support and the push they need to get somewhere themselves. you see it in the entertainment industry, directors giving new actors lead roles and having well known actors as supporting cast. its a vote of confidence, and whats the harm? are successful bands just greedy for fans? we’ll play anywhere, anytime, with anyone. so remember that.

8. Where did the band name come from?
Liam the Bloody first read the term ‘fear of comedy’ from an interview Michael Palin (of Monty Python) was giving on the nature of their show’s success. He used the term in reference to society’s apprehension to confront taboos and controversial subjects. The term rattled around in his head for a couple of years and when it came time to come up with a band name, Liam suggested Fear of Comedy and it stuck.

9. Favourite Perth bands?
Mile End should have been selling out shows years ago, so its only only a matter of time.

Tomas Ford will be a household name, and when he is, i can’t wait to see the shit he’ll pull on us.

Trash Madonna should and will be worshipped in the underground.

The list goes on to include Project Mayhem, Zxspecky, Suprise Sex Attack, Mongrel Country, Silkie Krusher & the Sex, Macarburettors, Capital City, Jacknives, New Husseins, Sex Panther and Sure Fire Midnights.

Oi! all you bands, give us more gigs or you’re in big trouble!

10. Myspace has become a massive networking website for bands. What do you think of it?
Myspace has been perfect for Fear Of Comedy, i mean we’ve got a friends list of 1038 users, and it grows every day. all your have to do is a leave a comment on somebody else’s myspace, have all their friends see it and then they end up adding you..if they like your sound that is. has helped us get fans around the world and with any luck that audience will continue to expand.

Since the mastered/final version of our tracks have been up we’ve had a total of 10454 plays. it’s also filled a gap for bands that can’t afford a .com, its now got to the point where we will be having, but we’ll definitely be keeping the myspace site around.

Myspace has also helped me keep track of my favourite Perth bands. so its great. but not where business should be conducted. use the phone!

11. Launch Details?
Saturday 26th May at The Bakery, James Street Northbridge, from 8pm to 2am.

Joining Fear of Comedy on stage will be Tomas Ford, Mile End, The Macarburettors, Capital City and the Fear of DJ’s.

Tickets are $11 through Planet Video, Exotic Body Piercing and Red Stripe Clothing or $12 at the door.



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