Live Revew: The Nordeens

The Nordeens/ The Order Of The Black Werewolf / The Gary’s / Russian Winters
Hyde Park hotel
Friday 25th May
Review by Leo Abbs

I turned up half way through the Russian Winters’ acoustic set. Featuring two members of Team Jedi, a few people have suggested it’s Team Jedi two. A little off the mark as Kris Dimatroff (better known as Dima) is on lead vocals and guitar, whilst in Jedi he was on drums.

I couldn’t actually see the band, or for the matter, hear much bar a bit of vocals. They played without a drums, so perhaps it’s best I save judgement for when I get to see the full band play.

‘You guys suck!’ called a guy in the audience early in the next band, The Gary’s set..
‘hi Wayne!’ The lead singer said of The Gary’s into his mic.
‘I said, you guys SUCK!’ said Wayne
‘We may suck, but you paid 5 bucks, so you suck more!’ replied the vocalist.

Tonight was apparently The Gary’s first show. Also featuring members of a pervious Perth ban (the guitarist and bassist from Punk band White Trash, who were around about ten years ago) The Garys impressed this reviewer. They were hilarious, and had some catchy rock songs with at least four of the tunes mentioning Gary. Who’s Gary? Anyway, a band to check out.

Beside being known as a cunt of a reviewer for Xpress, Mike Wafer used to play in a popular punk band Love Camp 7. Best known for piss funny songs, they broke up when Wafer moved to Melbourne. When he came back to Perth 2 years later, he formed Whitechapel, who never reached the popularity of LC7 and dissolved in 2006. Tonight was the second performance of his new band, The Order of the Black Werewolf.

While both previous bands dabbled in surf guitar, The Werewolf have got a more full on surf rock sound. With long instrumental passages, they sounded interesting, until vocalist Wafer opened his mouth. His vocals sounded terrible tonight. It would be easy to write this whole band off on hearing him sing, but we’ll go easy on the fact that tonight’s gig was only their second. However, bassist (also of Love Camp and Whitechapel) Anthony is still one of the funniest men I’ve ever seen play in a band.

Glenn Musto is one of the best pop songwriters around town, and has been concentrating on his acoustic act, College Fall in recent times. Tonight it was a reunion of sorts for his other band, The Nordeens. It’s been a while since they’ve played, as drummer Ant is now living in Bendigo.

When it comes to comparing Musto’s two bands, then College Fall would be his day job, while The Nordeens would be like going to the pub with his mates. A 3 piece that is on the heavier side of pop, they’re angsty at times with out being dreadfully emo. The Nordeens are perfect for Friday night at the Hydey.

Their set that ran through their ‘How To Forget (you)’ EP, with the catchy Alison Ashley opening proceedings plus other live favourites such as ‘Caroline, I don’t deserve you’. It felt like it was 2004.

Finishing with their last single ‘So Long’ and not playing one of those predictable encores that bands so often do, they left us wanting more, but it’s better to wait for the next gig. Hopefully the wait is shorter than two years.


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