Interview: Abe Sada

Cat Hope (Abe Sada)
Interview by Leo Abbs

Abe Sada consists of four bass players. What made you decide to go for this lineup?
Well, I personally am bass crazy. I love bass – bass frequencies, bass beats, subby sounds…all low instruments. I had a two bass group, doing bass noise ambient stuff, called Lux Mammoth – we put out 2 records and went to the USA before calling it a day around 2003. I have my own, solo bass project, and am doing my PhD in infrasonic (inaudible, low sound) sound composition.
So 4 basses are better than 1, or 2. I like the range of sounds available electric bass.

Who are the members of the band and what experience do they have, as far as playiing in bands and musical backgrounds?
The membership is pretty fluid, thought myself and bassta! Pex are the two stable members. We enjoy the loose lineup because it gives us flexibility and the opportunity to change the sound. It is all improv, so different people really bring different sounds. Poeople who have played with us so far include Leemo (from Pahlemik), KFOrd (also Pahlemik, Swapmeat), Katerina Katherine Papas (Lucy was a Decoy, Boobs (Mannequin), Kenta McGrath (Bamodi), Kevin Roberston (Diode), Chris Cobilis (the Tigers), even Ben Franz (the Waifs).

How does the recording sound compared with the live shows?
The recordings are live, so similar in some way, but recording gives you a chance to bring out some nuance and reconstruct the form if need be. There are also some added extra’s – a chainsaw solo and some vocals.
Also, the live shows are often very unconventional – there is a little element of theatre (playing with knives, whips and other gadgets) and we rarely play on a stage like a real band….so we couldn’t rely on the that, its more just about the sound.

Friday’s gig is a cd launch, but also it’s a fundraiser for a Japan tour. Why did you decide to tour there?
We have some label interest there, and Japan really is the mecca for noise music. I have done shows there before doing my bass noise solo stuff. Its not an easy place to play, but a great experience.

You have an unique experimental sound. How has the audience you’ve played to, responded to Abe Sada’s music?
Like all experimental music, some people love it, some people hate it. Some people find it really visual music, and can get lost inside it, others just can’t understand it. Not really dance music. The volume freaks a lot of people out. Bass needs to be quite loud to ‘work’. During one gig at the Hydey, someone came up and systematically unplugged all the amps. A brawl ensured, I think Leemo lost a shoe on the roof of the pub….

Which venues have you played in Perth?

Its tuff for the more experimental bands amongst us, but the Hydey, the Castle (that was our first), PICA, Club Zho, Amplifier…we have also been invited to Liquid Architecture Festival of sound arts in Melbourne in July.

Which have been the favourite gigs?
For me, it was a gig during the Putting On An Act Festival at PICA, where we played under the seating and vibrated the audience with our bassness!

On the cd, I’m told there is a chain saw solo. Why did you decide to do that?
Chainsaw motors, they have a lovely cool bassey hum. Nice colours which vary with speed. Beautiful. Horror theme. There is some screaming to go along with it. We know a great chainsaw artist.

What bands or artists influence Abe Sada?
Sunn O))), John Cage, Bernard Herrmmann, Lightening Bolt, Earth, Toshiya Tsunoda, Vladan Radovanovic, Iannis Xenakis, Radiosonde, Otomo Yoshida, Zbigniew Karkowski
JG Ballard, Paul Virilio, Serio Leone.

Is all the music improvised or is some of it written beforehand?
All improv, all the way

Launch details?
8.30 – 1 Friday 1st June at the Bakery, $15 entry with CD, $10 without, all funds go to fares for the Japan tour.

Line up is:
The Devil Rides Out
Abe Sada
Fall Electric

All bands play with Japanese films. There will be Japanese cocktails and some Japanese snacks!

Visit the Abe Sada on at


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