News: Autumn Isles @ Rosemount – Wednesday 4th July


Playlist: Western Oz on 89.7 Twin Cities FM – Tuesday 26th June

26th Westerrn.Oz Show
Tuesday 26th June 2007 From 8pm
89.7 Twin Cities FM

Dave Mann Collective – All That I Want
The Silver Scene – Dirty Shine
The Burton Cool Suit – Part of the Plan ~ LIVE AT THE OZ Replay

***Jason Ayres LIVE AT THE OZ***

Jeff Strong – I Looked Into Her Eyes ~ Daytime WA Artist of the Week
Next Time Hearts – God Gave Me A Painting Brush
Miles Away – Affadavit
Sugar Army – I Got Your Soul
Fear Of Comedy – March of the Blood

***Streetlight Interview***
Streetlight – The Poet Paper Boat
Streetlight – Sunshine Apartments

Token City – Out To Dinner
Lynda Smyth – Could I Be
The Sure-Fire Midnights – Dont Look Up My Skirt (Unless You Mean It)
Project Mayhem – Diatribe # 2047
Rocket To Memphis – What Kinda Man
Trigger Jackets – Tonight
Dave Hole – Rough Diamond Child
Horseless Cowboys – George Bush’s Oil
French Rockets – Scopin’ The Radar

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CD Review: Battlecat EP

Battlecat EP
Review by Leo Abbs

Battlecat are a band full of talented players, lead by singer Christian Parkinson, who has a strong voice. However songwriting is another challenge. With skilled honed by playing in cover bands, (two members play in the acoustic outfit Switchback) the musicianship is there, but one might question the originality which isn’t high on this recording.

Heading straight down the Rock highway, which is by no means a wrong path, it’s a smooth ride. However you feel too smooth at times. You know when the music just becomes something that will fade into the background? There’s nothing here that makes you go ‘wow’.

The question is where are Battlecat headed? Is it the heavy detuned rock of the first track ‘Lay Alone’. Or the commercial softer rock sound of tracks 2 and 3 which sound like they’re one of the blander type of songs you sound daily on dials 92.9 and 96.1? I hope the band follows their heart with this choice, rather than just playing what they think will help them ‘make it’.

There’s nothing wrong with writing music that has commercial appeal (look at Birds Of Tokyo, they make Nickelback-like songs sound fantastic), but it would be nice for a band to bring something new. There are some well written songs on this disc, but they are just a bit too predictable at times.