Tour Diary: Love You Not / The Reserves / The Colors

‘Pack Up The Bus Tour’ 07:
The Reserves, Love You Not and Colors Tour Diary
by Justin Cox (Love You Not).

Thursday: We left Perth at 12:30 in the afternoon and arrived down in Bunbury at about 3. We were the first band (Love You Not) to arrive and The Reserves not long after. We loaded in to the Rat and Parrot which is located in the Lord Forrest Hotel. The sound guy was rather large and quite lazy but at the end of the day he was ok, considering the sound guy we would have to deal with the next night.

So The Resies did their sound check and the Colors arrived not long after. Gave us a couple of hours to cruise the town and check into our “rooms”. Originally they only gave us one room key between all bands. That’s 11 dudes in a room with 4 beds. After a talk with reception they gave us another room, thank fuck. Would have been quite a large bathroom queue in the morning, if we had to all share one room.

After dinner, we headed down to the Rat & Parrot where The Reserves kicked off proceedings. All bands had come to agreement before the tour that the lineup will be rotated each night. Although there wasn’t much of a crowd, the lads didn’t hold up and showed us that they were really going to give it their all this tour. The sound of the venue was not bad considering what we had to work with. Kinda reminded me of the Hydey.

Love You Not was up next. I thought we played very well. Just gotta say cheers to the big guy who was getting into it all the bands up the front. The Colors headlined this show. I have to admit although one of my favourite Perth bands I hadn’t seen them since we played with them at the WAMIs in Feb. Colors to me were quite exciting to watch. There new songs are gold and I cant wait to have a listen to their EP.

After a great performance by all bands it was time hit the piss and party. We headed up to the room. Already a bit rowdy. Our room was pounced on by 5 security guys who threatened us with the old “keep it down or you’re all out”. Then they went off and ate a dick. Slowly one by one people were passing out but Roo(Colors) and I managed to have a wasted jam leaving us the last two up. It was time for me to head back to my room only to realise everyone had
passed out. Knocked. No answer. Called phones. Thank god, the last person I called, Adam heard his phone and was able to let me in.

Friday: My eyes open. Feeling pretty good considering. Adam and I decide to make the most of the Pool/Spa facilities before we have to check out. We are out of the Lord Forrest by 10am. Headed to Macca’s for breaky in what seemed to be a competition of who could eat the most. Little Benny from The Resies was the early leader, until Johny went one step further and bought a cheeseburger after spending about $12 on food already. How the fuck do you spend $12+ at Macca’s?

So the short drive up to Mandurah was pleasant. Gave us a bit of time to relax at the Beach house we where sharing with the Resies. The Colors stayed at a house not too far from us. The LYN boys went for a trip down to Mandurah Forum. That place has had a bit of a face lift since I was there last. There was also some really hot women around the place, which is always a lifter on a road trip.

We got to the venue about 7. Players Bar had all the things that a venue in Perth would thrive off. Great size room, size stage, lights and a smokers balcony just side of stage but it has a fucking grumpy old prick of a sound guy. What an walking corpse. Never had someone so miserable do our sound before and by the end of the night he pretty much made enemies with every band. We opened the night and I’d have to say this was probably our worst show of the run. It wasn’t that bad, its just wasn’t as good as all the rest. The sound guy was pissing me off and I think the lack of crowd early sort of didn’t help. Cheers though to Duke St crew and Ash Miller for driving down from Perth just to see us.

Colors played second and once again played a tight set. The crowd picked up by the time The Reserves hit the stage. They were to me the best band to watch tonight. You could see they were eating up the extra numbers that strolled in. Roo from Colors had problems early on with a security girl/guys telling him he had to leave because he was wearing a hat inside. Also the sound guy ripped into him cause he had some effects that the sound guy didn’t like. EAT A DICK sound guy! Also lot of Bogans. Some bogan woman was off her head and said to me:

“you wouldn’t have a clue what I been on tonight?”
“Crystal Meth? Cocaine?” I said
She went nuts and said “fuck you” and ran off.
get it. Try to be all cool and brag about what she’s had but then got offended.

Things got better for Roo as the night went on. We all headed back to their holiday home. This place was gold. Basketball Ring, Table Tennis, Chess. Yep that’s right Chess. Simon Colors and Yuro Reserves played a long game of chess while the rest of us got out the Reefer’s and played Basketball and Ping Pong. After a couple of hours we went back to our beach house and talked shit for a couple of hours.

Saturday: LYN and Reserves went for a stroll down the beach. It was nice to get out in the fresh air after another night of boozing. Headed back to the house for couple of hours. Johnny (LYN) and Purga, Benny and Yuro (Reserves) played soccer hackysack for an hour which was a bit of fun and much needed exercise for us.

Today we had a bit of a longer drive which was good for me because I was able to get a little nap in on the way down. 3 Bears is always fun and tonight was brewing to always be the biggest night of the run. We got a free feed from the pub which was great and also each band got 6 jugs of beer so I must say high five to 3 Bears for treating us with respect and looking after us all night.

Colors opened tonight and played to a fairly descent early crowd. Although they didn’t play bad, I thought this was probably their weakest show of the run. I think it was something to do with opening slot. It seems that the later you play,the bigger the crowd,the drunker the crowd,the more receptive. Which the Reserves found out as they once again played a “who gives a fuck lets just have fun show”. Must say all bands’ sound and lighting tonight was fantastic, thanks to the pro sound guy at 3 Bears. This is 5 star setup for bands and no wonder bands like Grinspoon and Wolfmother play there. We ended the night and it was our time to shine.

Tonight was easily the biggest night crowd wise and I feel we easily played one of our best shows ever. There was a good vibe in the air that night. People were up dancing and drinking. It helps when you have two great bands playing before you getting you pumped. I think the 3 Bears setup definitely helped us.

The show was over but the beer garden was the next stop. People were drunk every where. A fight broke out. We were having a laugh with the locals. At 1 we all had to leave. So Dave”Reefer”Colors said
“lets go back to the rooms and party on.”

After a bit of smoke and booze once again there was noise complaints so went over the park with the soccer ball and played ‘Smashed Soccer’. It was so fun. There was about 10 of us all of our trees. The rest is a blur.

Sunday: Checked out of 3 Bears and headed straight to the Dunsborough bakery. Dave Colors today one the unofficial contest of who could eat the most. The Pepper Steak Pie from there was the best pie I’ve ever had from a bakery. All bands where quick to hit the road knowing that this would be the longest stint. The weather didn’t help. Especially the Reserves who had the trailer with all the backline. All bands made it back to Perth safe and sound thankfully. 5pm we roll up to the Hyde Park for the last show. You could tell three days of little sleep and partying was starting to show!

How did we deal with it? The same as every other day: Have a beer. Paul Wood from Red Jezebel opened the show. This is one guy that I’ve have been looking up to for years. He didn’t let anybody down and played a set full of strong songs. ‘Demons’ was a highlight for me. The guy is quality. Colors played an awesome set. They had the crowd on there toes. They certainly lifted everybody out of their Sunday blues and into party mode. We were up next and I must say once again, I was pleased with the way we played. That’s all I’m going to say.

The Reserves finished the Pack Up The Bus Tour 07 with a tight set, that was highlighted with Johny LYN, Dave Colors and Myself getting up to join them for a song.

So the Pack Up The Bus Tour 07 ends. Id have to say it has been absolute mayhem. So much fun. All three bands deserve a pat on the back for this. Independently organized, promoted, self
managed, we showed all that we are as good as anyone. Most of all we had a blast!

Well done lads. Thanks also to all that came to the shows and made our
nights even more enjoyable.




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