News: Live Music Stays at Hydey

10th July 2007
Live Music Stays at Hydey

ALH State Manager Colin Gourdis is pleased to announce today that live music will continue at the Hyde Park Hotel.

“Our decision to retain live music at the hotel comes after our consult with a number of stakeholders, he said

“The Hyde Park Hotel has a long and proud tradition as one of the states leading live music venues. The support we have received recently to retain live music has been overwhelming”.

“In particular, support has come from the State Government and the Minister for Culture and Arts Sheila McHale, Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor, the Town of Vincent, and local music organisations.

“This invaluable support has strengthened our resolve to maintain live music at the venue as part of the ongoing refurbishment to the hotel.”

Mr Gourdis said he looks forward to seeing the Hyde Park Hotel continue its important role in the community as a major live music venue in WA.


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