CD Review – Streetlight Mini Album

Streetlight Mini Album
Review by Dylan McArdle

Ever since winning the Next Big Thing competition last year, Streetlight must be one of the most talked about bands on the local Perth music scene. Having released a three track single last December, the band have followed that up with a “mini album” that is in stores now.

When I first picked up my copy (at the sold-out CD launch) I was a little disappointed to see that three of the eight tracks on the CD were also on the single. But we must remember that this CD is designed with a wider audience than mind and also that it contains the full length (not radio edit) version of “Attack That Gentleman”. Any disappointments I had disappeared soon after I put the CD in my CD player

From the first beats of the opening track “I Borrowed The Light” you know you’re in for a musical treat. There’s a certain energy in the music that grabs you and makes you take notice and at times it’s hard to believe this release is from a band who have only been together three years. It’s hard to find another band to compare Streetlight to as they’re quite unique. You could say they’re like At The Drive In or the Mars Volta, some have said a rip-off of, but they’re more musically “rich” and definitely more “listenable”. “The Departure: Part One” is a pretty good example of this – the bands power has been well harnessed and it won’t leave you with sore ears.

The CD ebbs and flows almost flawlessly, from the gentle build up at start of “The Poet’s Paper Boat” to the almost violent nature of “Sunshine Apartments”. This is no band of angry teens just screaming their lungs out without any direction. Le Craft’s flexible vocals lead the way and he doesn’t put a foot wrong through the seven tracks (the last is instrumental). Not that the rest of the band do any wrong either. The big x-factor to this line up though is Rachael Aquilina; her, at times haunting, violin is like the icing on the cake and actually enhances the bands sound more that you’d think.

Despite being released before (though this time in its longer form) “Attack That Gentleman” is the standout track on the CD, with “The Poet’s Paper Boat” not far behind. Both capture all the elements that make the Streetlight sound what it is.

There are a number of up-and-coming bands on the Perth scene and Streetlight is probably the pick of the bunch. This CD proves that they have the tools (and the musical maturity) to go far. It’s well worth taking the time to see what the fuss is about.


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