Interview: The Belle Ends

Phoebe (The Belle Ends)
Interview by Leo Abbs

Your band was recently discovered on and scored a Missy Higgins support at the Perth Concert Hall.How was the gig?

It was really odd, actually. We’d been worked up into a frenzy about it for about 3 weeks and when it actually came time to play it was over in half an hour. The gig was one thing, but just the fact that we were acknowledged and a door was opened to a national audience for us was absolutely incredible.

What do you think of triple j unearthed?
Any competition or organization that give that sort of opportunity to unheard and unsigned acts has to be a good thing, right?

You are about to release an ep. How long has it taken from when you started writing songs to having them recorded on CD, ready to release?

Well, we’ve been playing for 3 years or so now and some of the songs we’ve had in one form or another from the beginning, others were written the week before we stepped into the studio.

The Belle Ends has two core members who are husband and wife. How is it working in that situation?

We actually get asked that a lot. It’s kind of funny, because a lot of people seem to think that it would be a really difficult and sometimes volatile situation to work in. But if anything it makes it a hell of a lot easier. There aren’t any arguments over songs or sets or anything like that because we can be honest with each other and not worry about any backlash. As for the other two members, we’ve been best friends for years and have worked a lot together and we all operate more like a family than a band.

Your band are currently living in Fremantle. Do you find there are any differences between being a Fremantle band and a Perth band? If so, what are they?

Only 2 of us are in Fremantle, the other boys live north. There can be a tendency, though, for bands that are “south of the river” to play a lot more gigs down here for pure convenience reasons. Aside from that we haven’t noticed a big difference.

How important is your band, compared against what you do for a day job?

We see our day jobs as pretty much a way for us to be able to play regularly and still have a roof over our heads. Unfortunately there’s no money in music.

What are the best parts of being in a band vs the worst parts of being in a band?

The best parts: The relationships we form with our band members/managers/promoters, it’s unreal to be able to work and live with like minded people. Plus we consider ourselves really lucky to be able to do something we really love and are really passionate about on a regular basis.

The worst parts: Probably the misconception that all musos are lazy and that what we do isn’t seen as being work. We work our asses off but have a lot of people saying to us “But it’s not really HARD is it?”

How important is the Internet to you guys as a band? Are there are their any websites you frequent?

The Internet is an invaluable tool for us, and all bands. It’s a great way to get heard and get your music to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it or come to shows. We’re constantly on the net- this site, myspace, perthbands…. there’s heaps!

What is the main track on the EP, and what is the lyrical theme?

We haven’t really got a main track, all the tracks are really different and stand out on their own. The themes range from love to death to sleazy adulteresses and there’s even a motivational number on there.

CD Launch details:

Where: The Norfolk Basement

When: Saturday 25th August

Entry: $10

With: Capital City and Jeff Strong

Doors open at 8pm

Check out The Belle Ends on myspace:


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