News: Jeff Strong @ Clancy’s Fremantle, Friday 12th October

Last time Jeff Strong took to the stage at Clancy’s, he filled the room
with so much hollerin’, dancin’ fun, that he’s been invited back for
another huge night, this time with folkie rockers The City Watch. Jeff
along with his full band perform on FRIDAY 12th of October at 8pm. Entry
is free, so you’d better get down there and get yer behind shakin’ and
your belly full of beer.

Strong continues to push his self titled, debut album on anyone smart
enough to listen, after recently taking it on a south-west tour that saw
him play Settler’s Tavern in Margaret River and the Earthdance Festival in
Fairbridge.  The record was proclaimed Album of the Week by Drum Media who
described it as ‘like rugging up in your comfiest chair’.

This night takes on special meaning as it will be one of the last Jeff and
his full band plays before a wirlwind tour of the eastern states.

To listen to some tunes go to


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