Interview: Sons Of Rico

Alex ‘Boff’ MacRae (Sons Of Rico)
Interview by Leo Abbs

It’s been three years since Alex MacRae last got to experience a CD launch. It was at the Amplifier and it was for the launch of his band’s Bus #56 debut disc. In 2007, it finally has come time for his band to release their second CD, their first under the name ‘Sons Of Rico’ complete with a line up change.

Perth Sounds emailed some questions one Saturday Morning to Alex and got a very quick and very enthusiastic response.

So why have you changed the band name to Sons Of Rico?
Bus#56 was initially intended to be just a temporary name but got stuck after a few shows and even more so after a demo EP. We were never happy with it and felt that now with a new CD and a new member; the time is right to make a full transformation.

How has the second EP progressed from the first?
The first one was a ‘cut all corners’ kind of project. Everything was tracked in a bedroom and mixed and mastered very very cheaply. This time round we employed the likes of Shaun O’Callaghan for some tracking and all mixing, as well as paying to use another studio for the rest of the tracking. Also the songs are generally more developed and refined than the first batch.

How does it affect the band, having members in touring bands such as Birds Of Tokyo?
Well, if birds are on tour, then we can’t play any shows! Hehe. But we’re a pretty organised band. If we know in advance that someone isn’t going to be around for a few weeks, we can still be writing new material or rehearsing in preparation for the next show.

Is there any particular styles that you would like to try in a song, that you haven’t already done?
I think for now we’ll try and establish ourselves as a kick ass rock band before we start getting too crazy with other styles. It might be confusing for would-be fans if they’re not so sure what style this band is. When we have a bit more material out there we may look to experiment more with different styles.

What is your favourite song on the EP and why?
For me it’s definitely Orange Skies. I like the melody and flow of the song. I’ve heard it so many times yet I’m still not bored of it. Also, I enjoy Ignite because it’s totally badass and has a million guitar solos.

Do you write at home by yourself or in a jam?
For this EP I wrote the material by myself at home and refined it in the jam room and studio. It was the best thing for everyone to get things happening while the other guys were busy. Having said that, the next release will be more of a band effort.

What do you find useful on the Internet as far as being a local Perth band?
Is the correct answer J But seriously, MySpace is the most powerful tool for any band in this day and age. There are many useful tools on the internet that can help us, but MySpace is by far the most powerful at the moment.

Most exciting thing to happen to the band this year?
The whole new package!
New lineup/ new name/ new CD!

The CD launch next week is something we’ve looked forward to all year, so hopefully that’ll be a highlight for us too. Cheers!

CD Launch Details:
Saturday 17th November
Sons Of Rico ‘Orange Skies’ CD Launch
(formerly called Bus #56)
w/ Good Little Fox and The Vice Chancellors


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