News: Capital City and Schvendes

SCHVENDES Last Gigs For a While

Last chances to see Schvendes before they take some time away from live shows for a couple of months to practice some new material.
Monday 12 November at the Fly By Night Club supporting John Cale.
Friday 16 November at the Artrage Bakery in Northbridge as part of the Artrage Festival: Love Is My Velocity presents SCHVENDES, THE PAINKILLERS, WALES, JOSH FONTAINE.

Saturday 08 December at Mojos Bar supporting WAGONS from Melbourne, who’ve been getting some great reviews for their new album.

Monday 31 December at the Hyde Park Hotel: presents Love Like Violence your rock alternative this New Years Eve- SNOWMAN, SCHVENDES, CAPITAL CITY, SUGAR ARMY, KILL TEEN ANGST, HARLEQUIN LEAGUE, MILE END, FRENCH ROCKETS, ICHI THE KILLER.
New single “Bring Out Your Dead” on radio Dec 01- recipient of WAMi Song Contest award in “Mixed Bag” category.
Friday 16th November – Amplifier Bar
Well howdy cats and kittens – it’s time to get all amped up – cos we got a Friday nite comin’ up that ya’ll won’t be forgettin’ in a hurry…
Jack on Fire will be starting things a-burning at 8.30pm, followed by the howlin’ dark sounds of Order of the Black Werewolf. You’ll be ready to get twistin’ in the raw by the time Rocket to Memphis hit the stage, with their swingin’, hip-shakin’, voodoo grind! If you’re still standing, Captital City will grab you gently by the throat, to deliver the final rock n roll kick in the head! What are you waitin’ for goddamnit – pour yourself some more o’ that old swamp water, tell ya friends, and get ready for some nerve-rattling’ action!

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