Punter Profile: Craig Harman

Punter Profile – Craig Harman

When did you first start going to see local Perth bands?
1995 – At the UWA Refectory (Six Mile High, Header and Jebediah)

Favourite local releases for 2007?
How I learnt to Stop Worrying – Red Jezebel

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?
Probably more involved behind the scenes than a punter nowadays. I run a business called entertainment I.T. and we design websites for a lot of local bands including Bob Evans, Jebediah, The Rosemount Hotel etc. (www.entertainmentit.com). I also manage and maintain perthbands.com

Which venues do you like and why?
The rosemount is still my favourite, seen some great shows there.

Who are your favourite local bands and why?
The new Red Jez album is awesome.
And I was recently surprised by the Friends of Rico EP – very cool.

What is the best gig you’ve ever seen?
Weezer in Vancouver BC
Death Cab for Cutie @ Metros Freo

What do you drink at gigs?

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?
Friends of Rico!

Why support local original music? Why not cover bands?
I prefer the originality.


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