CD Review: Turnstyle – Seasides EP

Turnstyle – ‘Seasides’ EP
Review by Leo Abbs

Where were you in 1997? What were you doing with your life?

If you were like me, and lived in Perth, and were going to indie gigs back then, chances are you would know who Turnstyle are. My friend said to me one night at the rosemount,

‘I thought people in bands were supposed to be cool, but these guys are geeks’. Turmstyle had the geek rock sound down pat, before they even dragged a casio on stage.

‘Seasides’ their first EP, a six trackers (complete with secret track ‘Indie King’ was released in November 1997, and launched at the legendary Grosvenor Front Room. It is a document of the early three piece days of Paul, Adem K and Colin, though by the time they launched, they had a fourth member DJ Grandmaster Casio.

This mid nineties sound was comparable to the sounds of Weezer, and this disc is full of indie cuteness and catch melodies. I’m A Bus, is the best well known track here, most famous for being the song, that the band made up a dance for punters to do at their gigs. Novak’s Plan, with it’s catch chord/lead riff, and ‘western remedies, do do do’ hook was a staple of RTR in that era.

Cologne is the another strong tack, beginning with a simple riff played on the High E and B strings of AdemK’s guitar, and featuring the Chorus ‘Getting much harder to eat a cologne’.

For many pop loving punters of the time, Turnstyle epitomised everything that was memorable about local Perth indie music of the time. Catchy, hummable pop tunes, unique indie dress sense, happy memories and fun gigs. Plus one sweet, sweet EP.

It feels like a special privilege now, that we got to see them play nearly every weekend.

Turnstyle’s Website


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