News: Arts WA Grants Sept 07 Round

Te Contemporary Music Panel results for the September 2007 round.
28 out of 51 applications were supported to a total of $347,149!

For more details on Contemporary Music Grants go to:

Commercial Development
3 / 12 applications supported to a total of $40,329 (Total request: $176,544)

West Coast Blues Club Inc
The West Coast Blues Club to take a Western Australian showcase to the Goulburn Blues Festival, NSW in February 2008. The showcasing WA artists will be John Meyers Blues Express, Stingray, Matt Gresham Trio and Lightning Jack.

Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd
Staging of the 2008 Kimberley Indigenous Performing Arts Showcase. The festival will focus on the talent of Indigenous women such as Tahnee Carrie, Irene Jimbadee, Lorrae Coffin, Djiva, Jessica Mauboy and Gina Williams.Fairbridge Festival Inc. $5,900 Showcasing Kimberley-based original music acts as part of the 2008 Fairbridge Festival. The three Kimberley bands include Desert Child, Groovy Lips & the Yang and Patrick Davies.

Mentoring & Skills Development 5 / 6 applications supported to a total of $78,431 (total equest: $109,714)

Robert Arathoon
Robert Arathoon to undertake a 10-week intense mentorship with three Brazilian musicians focusing on composition, arranging, guitar, pedagogy, contrabass and percussion in Salvador and Natal.

Next Big Thing WA Music Inc
Production, recording and mastering skills development for musicians involved with The Next Big Thing 2008. Eight local studios (Satellite, Sound Baker, Loop, Studio Couch, Blackbird, Shanghai Twang and Poonshead) will be involved in 2008.

Shark Bay Arts Council Inc.
Provide local musicians and engineers with the opportunity to develop their professional recording and production skills through a number of workshops. It will involve basing two professional engineer/producers Shaun O’Callaghan and George Nikoloudis with five emerging engineers from the Shark Bay region over 12 days.

Seanne Chamberlain and Geoff Baker (6000 Red)
6000 Red will use the expertise of Matthew de la Hunty and Laurie Sinagra to mentor them in song writing, arranging, electronic production, live performance and video production over a three and a half month period.

WA Music Industry Association Inc
Stage an international music business conference as a key component of the 2008 WAMi Festival. The 2008 WAMi Conference will feature local, national and international speakers plus roundtable sessions for regional, indigenous and young musicians. Production 12 / 21 applications supported to a total of $142,661 (total request: $230,323)

Ronni Rae Rivers
To produce a world-class 12 track CD of original country music to follow up on the success of her debut album ‘Notice Me’, using Herm Kovac, one of the most well respected music producers in Australia.

Xavier Brown
Xave is a regional musician from Denmark, WA and he plans to release and launch his second full-length CD, entitled ‘Whale Bone Beach’.

Mink Mussel Creek $10,430
Record, mix and master a full length LP for release in April 2008.

Matthew Jodrell
Record and launch an album of original music to be launched in April 2008.

The Belle Ends
Record and launch a full-length album in April 2008 following on from their debut EP ‘Moose’.

Chaos Divine
Heavy metal act, Chaos Divine to record and launch their second full-length studio album in June 2008. Lysistrata $7,900 Lysistrata to record four songs in the form of vinyl singles for international release through KayDee Records.

Nathan Gaunt
Creation, recording and production of his 10th album of original music with the aim of gaining independent or major label distribution in the US.

The Kill Devil Hills
Recording, mixing and mastering of the third album by The Kill Devil Hills

Eleventh He Reaches London
Recording, mixing, mastering and production of the second album by ‘Eleventh He Reaches London’

Double Entendre
Gypsy-rock band Double Entendre to record, market and distribute their debut full length-album following on from their successful self titled EP.

David Brewer
Record and master a solo CD of original compositions with an all star band featuring Lucky Oceans, Matt Willis and Ric Eastman.

Touring 8 / 12 applications supported to a total of $85,728 (total requested: $147,424)

New Rules For Boats
Tour the Eastern States to promote their new album ‘Thousands’ in February 2008.

Sunshine Brothers
Undertake an international promotional tour linking a production opportunity at Daptone Studios in New York, various gigs in London and a performance at the Soundsplash Reggae Festival in Raglan, New Zealand.

Sugar Army
Undertake a national tour in March/April 08 in support of their debut 6-track EP ‘Where Do You Hide Your Toys’.

The Devil Rides Out
Undertake a tour of Victoria including a showcase at The Devil’s Kitchen Festival in January 2008.

The Woodenelves
‘The Woodenelves‘ to undertake a tour of the Eastern States to promote the debut album ‘Trips Between Worlds’ in March 2008.

Tour the Eastern States to promote Superengine’s debut album ‘Shadows Meet’ in February 2008.

Rocket to Memphis
‘Rocket to Memphis’ to undertake an Eastern States tour in March 2008.

Voyager Australia $9,800
Undertake a European tour, including performances at ‘ProgPower’, UK, March – April 2008.

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