News: Downunda Thunda Radio


Downunda Thunda Radio is an internet radio station which offers australian musicians a chance to get their music heard around the world by anyone who is able to access the internet. DTR is 24/7 Australian content, split up into regional programming and specialty shows, including a Breakfast show, Film Review Show and more. Of primary concern to you however is, WASTELAND, 2 hours of WA Punk, Rockabilly, Metal, Indie, Hard Rock, Ska, Electro and whatever else comes out of Western Australia.

Hosted by local madman with a microphone, DJ Laith Tyranny, WASTELAND is a aural assault airing LIVE 3 times a week, MONDAY 8 – 10PM, THURSDAY 8PM – 10PM and SUNDAY 9PM – 11PM.
If you miss the live show, WASTELAND is re-run MONDAY 12pm – 2pm, TUESDAY 8AM – 10AM and FRIDAY 2pm – 4pm.

To get your band played, submit announcements or would like to be interviewed on WASTELAND, email You can listen to WASTELAND by clicking on the links provided at STAY TUNED!


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