Interview: College Fall

Glenn Musto (College Fall)
Interview by Leo Abbs

College Fall have recently returned from their second European tour, this time taking in UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The reason for this trip was to tour their debut album ‘Eleven Letters’, which has been released in Finland the UK. Perth Sounds caught up with Glenn Musto (singer/guitarist) over lunch in the city recently to find out more about the band’s European travels.

‘Our album is called ‘Eleven Letters’, which just got released in the UK as we arrived, and Finland. We went over to launch that and do a tour, and expand ourselves in Italy and a couple of other places’

Starting off in a country where they’d never played before, turned out to be a great way to start the trip. They were chosen to play a festival in Italy (where Jodie and Simon Bartlett from College Fall have family) in a village that was thousands of years old.

‘Italy was a highlight because we played one show at a town festival, which was just massive, and in beautiful surroundings in a village, that was over a ten thousand years old, and that village was a backdrop. We were treated really well and it was such an event for those people to have a band from Australia.
They’ve had a festival there for 12 years, and we were the first band from overseas, let alone from so far away and we were treated like royalty.’

The success of the first European tour was evident when the contacts they made in 2006, meant they had record companies ready to release the record in 2007. Of the two counties (UK and Finland), Musto said the latter was the best.

‘The Other highlight was definitely Finland. The record label that put out our album were really good. We played 6 shows and I think five of them sold out. We hooked up with the right people, who had a real love for the music we were doing, got what we were about and booked us the right shows as well.’

Tampere, Turku, Jyvaskyla and Helsinki were the four Finnish towns College Fall played in. they were university towns and the response to the band’s music was quite flattering for the band. Once again, the success in Finland was built through the previous tour. Once interesting thing Musto notes, is that live music in Scandinavia ceases over summer.

‘It was the start of the season, because they (pubs and promoters) shut their music down over summer.
In most of Scandinavia, the pubs and promoters do, because most people are on holiday. Uni towns (in summer) don’t have as many people.

Talking to Musto, he seemed to love Finland and they’ll definitely be heading back. He mentioned how much they love music there and it’s not just the love of metal which is well known, in fact the alternative indie pop music scene is thriving, which suits a band like College Fall well.

‘Finland has a history of being big in metal, but they are huge music fans. I read recently that Finland has more bands per capita, than any country in the world. Probably because it’s so cold, what else are you going to do? People do indoor activities. So many bands and so many bands that love pop music.’

Back in Australia, College Fall barely took time to rest, before playing their first shows, heading to the north of WA, to play Kununurra. An unusual place to play, but once again Musto was enthusiastic.

‘It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s like nowhere else in Australia.’

He talked a little more about the trip up there, saying they played six shows over ten days in the main pub to packed crowds, proving once again, there’s plenty of opportunities for local bands outside of Perth. Finally he added, ‘As a band, as people, we’re not interested in doing the same old thing.’

College Fall play their return show in Perth, Sunday December 2nd at The Paddington Ale House in Mt Hawthorn. Doors open 6pm with support from Adem K (Burton Cool Suit)

For other tour dates visit College Fall’s webspage at (.)


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