Live Review: Dave Hole

This gig was a special treat.

Being able to see one of the best slide guitarists in the world, at a fantastic outdoors venue – the inner courtyard at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

Tonight was the first in a series called The Sonic Sessions. First I must tell you all, that doors open at 7, and it starts at 8pm on the dot. Don’t make the same mistake we did of thinking it would start later, like we did.

Dave Hole was sitting on a chair on stage, holding his fender guitar, being asked questions by Lucky Oceans. After a while he opened the questions up to the audience.

‘What’s your favourite music to play?’ was an early question.
‘Blues?’ He replied, confused by such an obvious question.

When you hear Hole play, it’s obvious he’s in love with the blues. Which he did very soon after. Watching this man play, is quite mind blowing. I’ve seen plenty of talented people play slide guitar in the last few years – John Butler, Jeff Lang, Dave Mann…and none come close to watch Hole let rip with his unorthodox slide technique.

A more interesting question was ‘What did you study?” obviously a guy thinking he studied music, and Hole replied
“Physics. You need to know a lot about physics to play guitar.’

As for guitar questions, we learnt that Hole uses open tunings (which is common for slide guitar) and his favourite is Open D.

Dave Is a seriously amazing musician. Any fan of the blues or guitar playing, should check out this guy next time he’s in Perth.


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