Live Review: Wormhole/TTOL/The Wilderness/ Sans Sangria

Wormhole / Tangled Thoughts of Leaving / The Wilderness / Sans Sangria
Railway Hotel (44 Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle)
Friday 30th November 2007
Review by Leo Abbs

The Railway Hotel is the latest venue to give original music a go, and it certainly has a lot of potential. It has a fantastic indoor band room with good viewing capacity, a large stage, comfy chairs and also an outdoor stage. Tonight’s show was inside, but I’m told the outside area is used regularly as well.

Sans Sangria were first up to bat tonight, and they were late to start, due to their drummer, which cut their set short. Which was a shame as their set proved to be quite interesting. Early on, they played some of Graham’s Knapp more country flavoured tunes, with the band filling out the sound, in a refreshing and original way. Later in the set, it was apparent Knapp has a love of Radiohead, with some similar styled vocals.

Overall this band tended to lean towards experimental pop/rock or Post-Rock, and they weren’t afraid of trying different ideas, with hints of hip-hop in the vocal delivery in one song. They also ended with with Graham swapping instruments with the bass player, Justin, who lead the band through an instrumental.

The Wilderness were the most conventional band on the lineup today – but in no way were they boring. They play rock’n’roll that has a blues element and is heavily driven by the organ. At times the organ reminded me of the Doors. After seeing them do well in the Campus Bands, it was nice to be able to see them again.

Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving or (TTOL for short) were amazing. They are a unique beast in this town, there’s no one quite like them. They play crazy progressive rock, led by some amazing piano playing. It’s been almost a year since I last these guys, but they blew me away tonight. Playing only 4 songs in a 40 minute set, their musicianship was top notch, with Aaron on Synthezier sounding brilliant. There were less vocals this time, obviously they are leaning towards a more instrumental side, not they had much singing in the first place…

Playing after TTOL, Wormhole always were going to find it hard. However it was there gig, so they had a decent crowd, not huge, but enough friends to make it worthwhile. On CD, Wormhole come across as more orchestral and classical, but tonight they definitely sounded like a 70s Prog Rock band. They’ve added a keyboard player to the lineup, but he was drowned out in the mix, and with their excellent guitar harmonies, you almost wonder why they’ve needed the keys. They played along to the a projector screen, but from my seat towards the back of the room, the screen was partly hidden as it was displayed at the side of the stage.

Overall, a solid night’s worth of music and it appears we have a bloody good venue on our hands. Check out a gig at the Railway soon. Recommended!


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