CD Review – Natalie D-Napoleon – After The Flood

Natalie D-Napoleon – After the Flood
Review by Danielle Hanrahan

You don’t hear much country music in Perth, so you wouldn’t ever expect to hear a Perth musician singing country tunes. Perth singer/songwriter Natalie D-Napoleon is changing the local view on this, with her achingly pure and passionate solo release, ‘After the Flood.’

The title track, ‘After the Flood’ has a sound reminiscent of Faith Hill, with lyrics that speak from heartfelt human experiences. D-Napoleon’s voice enchants the listener from the beginning, making anyone who isn’t a fan of country normally, to review their standing. The alternative-country sound of D-Napoleon brings a raw, young and uplifting voice in a music genre that seems to have fallen stale within Australia and Western Australia.

‘Slow Burn’ reinforces the nature of the five-track EP with its painful, soaring vocals that seem to stop the listener from whatever they are doing and to completely give themselves to the stories D-Napoleon weaves through her lyrics. D-Napoleon seems to have cleansed her soul through this EP and which audiences can feel through her beautifully married guitar, vocals and lyrics.

After being introduced to a steel, string guitar at the age of 15 has developed into a love affair which never breaks and one which D-Napoleon has learnt on after her own heartbreak, using their experience to both develop as a person and an artist. Launching her musical career in Bloom, an alternative-rock group, D-Napoleon has branched out on her own with ‘After the Flood’ and will continue to do so in the future.

‘Kid Gloves’ reinforces D-Napoleon’s masterful take on country music from a Western Australian young woman with a Croatian background point of view and it is this different sound of country which makes D-Napoleon truly magnificent in producing this sort of sound. D-Napoleon ends the ep with ‘How The World Works,’ a truly uplifting tale which makes the vocals of D-Napoleon which is sure to be carried from anywhere in the world thoroughly stuck in your mind that one play to this EP is not enough. An offering of passionate feelings and human experiences brought through the endearing nature of how D-Napoleon delivers each of her songs as well as her haunting voice.

‘After the Flood’ is a beautifully beguiling solo debut from Natalie D-Napoleon, who has directly changed the face of country music. With a mix of passionate lyrics, delivered with an enchanting voice, that makes this EP a small token of what this artist can do and which we hope to have more of in the future.

Natalie D-Napoleon on myspace


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