CD Review – The Belle Ends – Moose EP

The Belle Ends – Moose EP
Review by Danielle Hanrahan

A catchy blues inspired country and folk sounding anthem is what The Belle Ends have brought forth from their much anticipated ep, Moose. Sounding like an infusion of the raw energy of Johnny Cash and the White Stripes latest sound, The Belle Ends instantly draws your feet into a toe-tapping rhythm.

The first song off the release, ‘Little Ant’ is a high octane hay dance which will keep people interested and listening for more. The catchy melody, along with the raw, strong and bluesy vocals of Phoebe Hamzah makes this an unforgettable first impression for those who have never heard of the Belle Ends before.

Do not however assume that after listening to the first song it is all jumped-up country-folk sounds, as the second track soon dispels this with a heavier sounding tune. ‘5pm’ is a much more grunge take on the band’s sound and demonstrates the varied sound the group can produce and produce well. The Belle Ends sound remains recognizable but with a distinctly different tone and a more pronounced guitar influence. The melody however along with the song structure is classic Belle Ends and one which again proves the talent of this local group.

‘End of An Era’ returns to the folk-inspired blues the group is recognised for, currying a rockabilly influence into the mix. Producing a track which adds another facet to the exceptionally varied flavours people can expect to hear on the ep. Ending with a bang and in the same sort of sounding fashion they introduced their audiences too, ‘Now Is The Time’ is another catchy and rockabilly sounding gem which manages to make you dispel any doubts you had about the band up until this point. The wide variety of sounds and influences you manage to hear on The Belle Ends ep is an indication that this band is eager to explore new territory whilst maintaining a sound that is both unique and The Belle Ends at the same time.

Originally starting off as a two-piece, The Belle Ends have recently added a fourth person to the mix, introducing bass player Simon Roggio. The band have been recently announced as winners of Triple J’s Unearthed competition and for good reason with their highly popular live shows, gaining a loyal and vocal Perth audience which is sure to grow with the release of The Belle Ends latest EP offering.

As Phoebe Hamzah and Tim Hamzah’s blended, raw tone ends The Belle Ends latest EP with,

“You’ve got something important to say, now is the time.”

Now is definitely the time to check out The Belle Ends, if you haven’t already.


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