CD Review – Chelsea Lights

Chelsea Lights EP
Review by Danielle Hanrahan

It’s never an easy thing to follow-up a successful single with a debut EP release, but Perth indie rock four-piece, Chelsea Lights have come out smiling with their latest EP offering. A package bursting at the seams from lilting melodies and hypnotizing vocals intersected with raw gyrating from the guitar, it is the perfect accompaniment for their reputed local shows.

The melancholic personality of the tracks instills a maturing and though provoking debut from Chelsea Lights whose driven vocals and songs are the strength behind what is essentially another Perth indie rock band, granted one which is nice to listen to.

A daunting, raw guitar introduction opens the EP in K2, a slightly punk sounding, melodic rendition of catchy lyrics and impassioned tones from vocalist Matt. The chorus of ghostly voices in the background adds to the layers of this track, making it a worthy opening for what is to come in the Chelsea Lights’ musical voice.

Following on from K2 is Judas. Judas is the highlight on the EP with a strong individual flair and darker quality, encouraged by the vocal stylings and distinct guitar lines which infiltrate the essence of this song. Bursting at the seams with a raw, garage sound, yet maintaining a distinct haunting sound is what makes this song a winner.

Things take a slow turn on the acoustic, Saunders St, which returns to the melancholic vibe that Chelsea Lights have become known for in their live shows and which differentiates them from a number of other groups in the same genre.

Catchy lyrics and a return to their louder, more upbeat music makes, Mirror to the World a lasting impression of the overall sound of Chelsea Lights. The EP is a commendable debut for Chelsea Lights whose melancholic tone, distinct characteristics and varied material make them an interesting group to look out for.