Leo Says: Remember 1999?

Remember 1999?

Eskimo Joe were still a joke band, the loft was the place to go after gigs, The Grosvenor was the main venue in town. The Rosemount had the stage the other side of the room, with that big pole on the stage. John Butler played regularly mid week at Mojo’s. There was a colour WAMI booklet sponsored by iinet advertising ‘Fast 56k modems’.

Amplifier didn’t exist. 78 Records still had free gigs upstairs every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Sleepy Jackson were called You Am I ripoffs and no one really knew who the lead singer was, let alone that he had a sister.

Bands moved to Melbourne to break up.

Everyone wondered what would happened after midnight on December 31st. Y2k bug was the topic everyone had an opinion. A time of paranoia? 1999 was perhaps the only year, where people planned their new year’s eve, 9 months before hand.

Three Orange Whips drank a lot of beer and also played a lot of shows, love Camp 7 shared considerable amount of bills with them. they covered a song from each other’s band.

Warped came to town, and there were a few non-punk bands. Pop-punk was at it’s height of popularity.

The last Mudslinger was held at Murdoch Uni. A new festival called Rock-It was started by the same promoters, the first one being held in Joondalup.

It was a pretty rad time, now I think about it.

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