New Band Profile: Trepanning

Band Members:
Neil Hewson – bass guitar and vocals
Kristan Figgins – guitars and vocals
Kim Wisniewski – drums and electronics

We’re still working with the possibility of bringing in a fourth member, for live shows. Many songs we do different as a three piece and at least one track we’ve never done live.

Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Tool, Faith No More, Red Hot Chilli’s, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Mr Bungle, Deftones, Incubus, The Church, Gish Era Pumpkins, Midnight Oil, Neil Young, Jerry Cantrell, Art Blakey, Dance and Techno.

Some songs are moody and brooding while others are more upbeat rock. Some in the pipeline are much more progressive and unique than what we’re doing now. So today maybe I’ll just call it rock, as encompassing as that word is. You could probably put all our influences on a page and draw an axis. We would be just another speck on there somewhere.

Why The name:
We wanted something multidimensional that exists back as far as you can see.

How the band started:
We all were introduced through a friend I think when we were all like 17 or 18 or something. We ended up doing some gigs around Perth as a four piece Caboodle. We had some pretty good songs, sometimes our live act was a bit hit and miss but we still had fun. Caboodle fizzled. Ten years later, the three of us remaining were always writing new material and talking about getting something new together so Trepanning was born.

Upcoming gigs:
None planned. We’ve tested the waters at Mojo’s Bar and Swan this year which has been really great, albeit short sets. For the next couple of months, we’ll be heading back underground to concentrate on getting the fresh recordings done.


MP3s online:
We did a full length demo CD in 2004-2005. Our web presence is still carrying some of these old demo recordings. We played one of those old songs “Humble Pie” last night at the Mojo’s bar and it was the most well received song of the night. For this half of 2008 we entirely focused on recording an EP of new material, 6 or 7 of our strongest tracks. We’re also working towards completing videos for each track.

Contact Details:
Contact us through


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