Leo’s Top 5 Perth Songs From The 90s

Top 5 Songs I liked back in the 90’s when I was more indie than now…

1. Cinema Prague – Finale
Cinema Prague were one of the first bands I discovered on the local scene. A friend gave a mix of two of their CD’s. It took me a while to warm to them. It wasn’t until I saw them live at city farm in 1998 headlining a gig with a band called Eskimo Joe playing before them. I was blown away by their playing. Amazing musos.

Finale was released in the nordensost in 1998 I like this one the best because it’s about the end..,.what ever that ending may be. It’s just a great fun song, which sums up Prague. Nicely.

‘In the end, I’ll probably cry, when I have to say goodbye.’

2. Three Orange Whips – French Movie
I was a mad three orange whips fan. Almost to the point of embarrassment. I danced to the front of the Grosvenor with one other person – prozac boy – early 1998. I’d fallen for another local band. At first appearance I described them as interesting punk band- they definitely were more a solid rock ‘n’ roll band. They were messy, but a fantastic live band which was so entertaining, you never knew what would go wrong at a whips gig…but something always did and it was always unexpected but hilarious.

French Movie was released on their debut ep ‘ladies and gentleman’ it was also on the WAMI Compilation of 1999. It’s a great pop song.

3. Turnstyle – I’m A Bus.
If there was one band that epitomised the indie perth scene of the late 90s. They were so indie. I really liked them, they were nerdy and uncool that they were lovable. They had some top pop songs. I’m a Bus even had a dance written along to it with dance steps and all.

Please email me if you still remember how to do it.

4. Jebediah – Feet Touch The Ground
This was a track of The Jebs second album ‘of someday shambles’. After their successful first album. It was probably the most personal of Jebediah’s songs and for that reason i liked it. It’s a sad song but well written.

5. Team Jedi – Beat Inside Your Mind
Something about this song struck me. It was during team jedi’s keyboard stage. When they probably sounded most cheesy but the keyboards really worked well on the moodier songs, and it’s my favourite period of the band. This song was track 7 on their second EP and it was sung by their drummer, not the lead vocalist.

Great track. About minds. They’re pretty amazing minds you know.

Team Jedi, yeah they were alright…for an emo band. Of course the emo tag didn’t exist then.But this song’s a good un.