Photos: Muph & Plutonic @ Swan Basement (2008-09-04)

Photos: Muph & Plutonic @ Swan Basement (2008-09-04)
Photos by Dylan McArdle

Last Thursday night Melbourne hip-hop duo Muph & Plutonic rolled into town to play a series of shows to support their new album “…And Then Tomorrow Came”.

The crowd at the Swan Basement was small and you could almost say it was a disappointing turnout, especially since TripleJ had featured this album as their album of the week not so long ago.

On the upside, the boys (with DJ Bonez on the turntables) put on a great live show and the small crowd got up close and into the swing of things (with plenty of dancing, clapping, waving and singing along), so it made for a really enjoyable mid-week night out. They were also very well supported by Hunter & Sweepah.

Plutonic Lab&nbspMuph & Plutonic
Muphin DJ Bonez

For the complete gallery of photos from the night, please visit:


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