Tracksuit by Jebediah lyrics

Well I don’t want to make things bad
But these last few weeks are the worst I’ve had
And that’s really sad, it’s really sad, you know – woah!

Because I knew what we were gonna say
And I didn’t want it to end that way
Like on a winters day, but that’s okay
Because I’ve got my tracksuit ready on

Don’t give me your friends
Yeah they’re driving me round the bend
I just wanted some time alone
So we could sort this thing out, lifes a rolling stone

So I’ll take you for an elephant ride
And I’ll show you things that I feel inside
Yeah that’s what I’ll do, cos I like you
And I don’t wanna let things slide


So I hope everything’s alright
Because I know I won’t see you tonight
I just turn out the light and fall asleep
Without a peep

And when I wake up with my tracksuit on
Well then I’ll know that you’ve been away too long
So I’ll play a song, I’ll play a song
And I’ll dedicate it just for you

Can we still be friends
Yeah that’s all that we’ve got in the end
But I’ve been secretly holding out
That some day you will say you want more than that

So I’ll take you for an elephant ride
And I’ll show you things that I feel inside
Yeah that’s what I’ll do, cos I like you
And I don’t wanna let things slide


Punter Profile: Brian Newnham

Punter Profile: Brian Newnham

When did you first start going to see local Perth bands?
First time was Dave Warners from the Suburbs in about 1988. Mid 80s was when I started getting into music to the point I was going to concerts. I’d seen INXS at The Floreat Hotel and then the next time at Subi Oval and then the next time they were headlining at Wembley Stadium.

Was a real thrill watching the progression from a pub band to the worlds biggest and decided that I would really love to get involved a bit more when I returned to Perth. I got really sucked into local music when I went to see TISM at Planet in about 94. They were supported but Cinema Prague and Circus Murders and both bands blew me away. I thought that if this was the level of our local bands, I had better start making an effort very glad I did.

Favourite local releases for 2008?
Abbe May and the Rockin Pneumonia’s ‘Howl and Groan’ is probably my favourite so far.

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?
I work for a local music based publication so if there are any bands out there who want to buy and ad, come see me.

Which venues do you like and why?
If they sell beer and you get to see some live music, I like it.

Who are your favourite local bands and why?
When I first started going on a regular basis, I was spoilt with most weekends being able to catch the likes of Spank, Circus Murders, Cinema Prague, Beaverloop etc… and that to me was the pinnacle. Sadly all those bands are now defunct and I really must let go of the past.

At the moment, its very hard to pinpoint any without adding on more but I’ll try – Abbe May and the Rockin’ Pneumonia, Bob Evans, Kill Devil Hills, Red Delicious, Mink Mussel Creek, Mile End, Jebediah, Eskimo Joe, John Butler Trio…I’ll just stop now. We’re very lucky to have so many great bands and it’s something that has been a constant for as long as I’ve known.

What is the best gig you’ve ever seen?
Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium was a special one for me. Not only was a tribute to the great man, but also seeing some of the biggest acts in the world in the one day at such a venue was something amazing.

Underworld at The White Sands in about 1988 was probably one of the best pub gigs I’ve been to here and locally, would be Hail Hail Hail at The Grosvenor (about 2000, I think). Wave Rock Weekender is something special and the best weekend away – music, good priced booze and the most relaxed atmosphere imaginable. Sadly (well also very happily), Grand Final commitment led me to miss out this year.

What do you drink at gigs?
I’ve become a crap drinker so a few beers at most would do me fine.

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?
No, because there are also other people watching them, so I can’t exactly claim to discover anyone. Having been lucky enough to see quite a few acts in this years Next Big Thing competition, a stand out for me was Tree. Her beautiful voice and ability to attract such strong attention with something so humble shows huge signs that she has something special.

Boys Boys Boys and their ability to project so much fun is fantastic. Great to see a band making their live performance more than just playing their songs and involving the audience to the point where all watching have big smiles on their faces.

Also why Project Mayhem were well deserved winners – they don’t just rely on good music – it’s the live show as well that makes them above so many other bands out there.

Why support local original music? Why not cover bands?
Do what you want. I believe one of the biggest poisons in the music scenes is this ridiculous local vs cover bands bullshit. Shouldn’t be compared. It’s like being anti-Vietnamese food because you like Italian. Some people just don’t like to try something new and if you try to drag them along to a great new local original band, they’re likely to not appreciate it. We don’t want those type coming to our gigs anyway and they’re better off going to see bands with no originality they can get pissed and pull chicks with. That’s not looking down on those who attend cover-bands, its some people like different things to others.

So, support local music because you like the bands or you like the people or whatever other reason you want to support it. But just don’t make that a reason to be some sort of musical snob that makes you better because you support local music. Most people I know with that attitude talk all the way through bands they claim to like anyway.

We all like to be part of a scene for whatever reason that makes us comfortable. As long as it makes you feel good, that’s all that matters.

Live Review: Bob Brozman @ Fly By Night Club (2008-09-20)

Live Review: Bob Brozman @ Fly By Night Club (2008-09-20)
Review by Leo Abbs

The Fly By Night is one of those venues where people can be seated, standing or sitting on the floor. Tonight it was the seated vibe. All eyes were on the man on stage, surrounded by an array of instruments. The man was Bob Brozman.

“It takes 5000 years to get good at music,
but you only get 80 or 90.”

When you put like that, you realise how much there is to learn about music. A gig with Bob Brozman is not just a live performance, it’s a music lesson too. He’s an incredibly talented musician with his musical training taking him all over the world, and for him to say that it takes that long to get good at music is a little baffling. He sounded pretty amazing from where I was.

When it boils down to it, Brozman is divided into two broad musical categories – Blues and World. Yet he would have to be the weirdest blues performer I’ve seen. I say that in a good way. He’s definitely got a unique sound. Any person who like the blues,or even just consider themselves a songwriter, would be advised to check this man out next time he’s in town. While he sounds good on record, it’s in the live setting, where he excels.

‘Hey Kids, have you ever been to a gig where I guy talks so much?’ He said

Maybe you haven’t, but so much of what he said between songs, was like I said before an education in music.

He played an array of instruments, some of which I’ve never seen played on stage. And perhaps in this current tour which has taken in 53 countries, he’ll probably find a few more to learn and next time – hopefully we see him again – he’ll probably be playing them on stage.

Another thing of note in this performance. He left the stage in intermission and went to the merchandise stand, talking to fans in the crowd as they asked him about his music and which CD’s they should buy. How often do you see a touring act do that? Most of the time they’re too busy hanging backstage.

All in all, we had a gig, a music lesson, a talk and experienced some unique music by a true individual.