Punter Profile: Samantha Wass

When did you first start going to see local Perth bands?
I think it would have been about 2000. I was about fourteen when I made HQ my regular hangout spot, all the pop bands used to do all ages gigs there!

Favourite local releases for 2008?
Schvendes – sweet talk your enemies
Kill Devil Hills – hungry and down
Abbe may – howl and moan

Are you involved in the music scene besides going to gigs?
Yes, i play in two very different bands, one called institut polaire and one called jack on fire!

Which venues do you like and why?
i love the bakery, the rosemount was always close to home (although i’ve heard bad things recently?) but i think the hydey would have to take the cake – so many memories!

Who are your favourite local bands and why?
The kill devil hills are one of my favourite local bands – they’re amazing and they just keep getting better! the city watch are another awesome band that i discovered before i moved to melbourne. expect big things from those boys! some other favourites of mine include the leap year, the tigers, mongrel country, abbe may, felicity groom…. there’s too many – perth is full of exceptional bands.

What is the best gig you’ve ever seen?
i saw band of horses earlier this year in melbourne. they were fantastic – i had goosebumps for the whole set. although, my ultimate gig is coming up in january – neil young and my morning jacket… ask me this question again after that killer gig!

What do you drink at gigs and what brand?
I know it aint too classy but i really am a carlton draught girl…

Are there any new local bands you have discovered lately?
I haven’t checked out a lot of new Perth bands since i’ve moved away, but i guess i could mention the City Watch again… i’ve heard great things about Josh Fontaine’s new band – oh, and umpire!! i’ve never seen them play, but check out their myspace. They have some stunning songs.

Why support local original music?
because i think being from perth we are so lucky to have such a high standard of local music. in the last couple of years, perth has really discarded that image of being an indie pop specific town and there is such a broad spectrum of bands achieving different things. i don’t think i’ve ever been to a city where there is such a high ratio of good talent. it’s so important to support these people and to be involved, at least so that we can ensure we can maintain it!

You currently live in Melbourne. What do you miss about Perth?
i miss a lot of things about perth, but mainly the familiarity. there’s nothing like walking into the hydey after being away for a few months and having that feeling of being surrounded by people you know, bands you know, bar staff you know – and of course the barfly’s you know! it’s a comforting thing.


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