Music As An Insomnia Remedy a Joke?

I found this article on the internet. I thought it was interesting. Another indication of the powerfulness of music.


Music As an Insomnia Remedy a Joke?
By Cazza Burke Platinum Quality Author

There is a different insomnia remedy to be used in different conditions, such as remedies medications, relaxation methods, mechanical devices, and set routines that can relax the mind so the person can get to sleep each night. One treatment method that is often used is using music as an insomnia remedy.

Why Use Music?

Using music as an insomnia remedy has been used throughout history for many different types of sleep disorders. When persons of royalty had difficulty sleeping, they often called for musicians to play music that was relaxing and soothing until they could go to sleep. Today, mothers sing their kids soothing songs to lull them to sleep and many people choose to sleep with their bedside radio on a radio station that plays soothing music to help them get to sleep. Using music continues to be a popular method for easing a person into sleep.

There are a number of different musicians that play music that can be used as a remedy. Some of these songs can be bought at local music stores or retailers that have a section for music in their stores. Because this type of music is not really popular on radio stations, many people choose to purchase a CD of the songs to play at night to make it easier for them to get to sleep. The type of music that the person chooses depends on their personal preference of what type of music would be the most soothing as an insomnia remedy.

There are many different types of music that can be used. The most popular choices are instrumental melodies that are soft and calming to the mind. These songs will typically have no words in the song to break up the flow of the melody and the music is designed to clear your mind to the point where all that you hear is the calming nature of the music.

Some instrumental melodies use gentle sounding instruments, such as pianos, saxophones, and flutes, to creating relaxing music that can be used as an insomnia remedy. There are no harsh sounds or loud instruments to reduce the relaxation of the music and the tone of the music will flow gently in and out with the melody. The music will release the tension of the muscles in the body and relax the mind enough so the person can have a deep and restful sleep for the entire night.

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