Interview: Gavin Crossley (Twin Cities FM)

Gavin Crossley (Twin Cities FM)
Interview by Leo Abbs

How did you get involved with Twin Cities?
Staight out of high school I joined 897, in the semi empty depot studio (it’s hard to believe we got by, on what we had back then). I started doing producing for Dave Cosentino and Donna Hiftle (I fluffed my trial test broadcast, also the station manager didn’t like me much so I was made their bitch). I got the call-up a fortnight and the rest is a cliché’ and a long list of shows…..

What shows are on currently on Twin Cities FM?
Western.Oz (Tuesday Nights from 6pm) Western.Oz: Friday Nights (Friday Nights from 6pm) and The WA Top 10 (Friday Nights from 7pm).

What can you tell us about Twin Cities FM move to ECU Joondalup?
It was long winded, and hard work for us at 897, we are a bare bones operation, ECU did most of the intial setting up for us (they had professionals build the studios from scratch)…but we did the wiring of the equipment and installed the desks and ran as automated radio for 3 months while set everything up. I personlly couldn’t do much until the stuff was installed, because i’m terrible at manual handling stuff.

When we got set in, I did my job. I love the new studios, they’re not stuffy, they’re MUCH bigger and the new equipment is nice and makes me sound like i’m actually a good anouncer…which is hard to do.

You host the show ‘Western Oz’. Can you tell me a bit about this show?
Western.Oz is two WA Music shows weekly on 897FM. I host the pair of them. There is also The WA Top 10 is new intiative for Western.Oz, it’s our own Top 10 countdown based on the airplay of WA Music for that week on 897FM.

Doing these shows is an honour. The 897 staff love the WA Top 10. I think bands like being number one too!

You received a Community Broadcasting Association of Australia ‘Commendation for Contribution to Local Music’. What does that mean to you?
It’s my single greatest achievement in my radio career. Myself and my department worked our arses off to get that one. We were pipped for the major award in 2007 by a show who had presented Australian Music for 20 years or something. We won’t be attempting get the award this year due to our 3 months break. Look for us to win in 2009.

You have worked in community radio and also have had a stint on commercial radio. How do the two compare?

Actually i’ve had 2 stints full time and I also did panel work for 882 6PR as well.
They’re vastly different. Community on the most part has little to no funding, we have no funding for our show, I spend a lot of time on my own cash on that show, not that i’m complaining because I can think much worse things to spend money on.

Commercial Radio is having no control as an announcer, you can be entertaining, but you do release your creative control over your work, for a paycheck. But at the same time, it’s cool to just step into the studio and do that job. I love radio broadcasting, I just hated the town of Kalgoorlie which is why I’m back in Perth. Kal is a place if I never see again it’ll be too soon.

How far away can Twin Cities be picked up?

Warwick to Two Rocks….but it’s best to tune in online @

Why do you support local music?
I love it, I love the people, I love the high standard of music, I get to play. We are truly blessed in Perth. This scene makes my job easy. I would still buy local releases if I wasnt doing this show. Especially the stuf i’m a big fan of.

You have judged competitions such as Next Big Thing and Campus Bands. How important do you think competitions like those are to young bands?

The best people to ask are the winners, but Ben from Project Mayhem told me the winning of NBT has changed their musical lives. It’s incredible leg-up to win NBT or NCBC, you get good gigs, video clips, studio time and more. If you think you have the chops have a go next year.

Who do you think is a Perth act to look out for?

The Transients…they’re incredible, slick and professional. It’s only a matter of time before they’re the new Presets or Midnight Jugganauts. They will be HUGE!


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