Live Review: College Fall At The Broken Hill.

There’s a division between the cover and original bands in this town. A lof of people on the original scene are against covers in a big way. The thought of making money from playing other people’s music, to crowds that aren’t always interested unless you play ‘Run To Paradise’ or tunes of that familarity, is not something appeals to many local, original musos.

However, in pubs that don’t normally count as original venues, there can be songwriters going through 3 hour gigs, playing 3 sets. Often part of the Champion Agency stable, who book a lof of pubs around town, acts like College Fall, Nathan Gaunt and Leena often combine orginals with covers. Covers increase towards the end of the night, when pub goers (not necessarily music punters in this case) are intoxicated. and answer the call for requests by9 shouting obvious (the afore mentioned choirboys song) and the not-so obvious for an acoustic act (Rage Against The Machine).

Sundays this month, sees College Fall do a residency at the Broken Hill Hotel In Vic Park. A pub which was one of those old cassic pubs, that were dodgy, that your trendy mates would go ‘ew’ and would never drink there, has been renovated into one of those ‘we’re going to try to be trendy like the Brisbane’ types. Only the pub went to far and forgot, while it’s near South Perth, it’s Vic Park.

The inside is a bit arificial, the beer garden is actually quite nice.

Anyway, ‘The Fall opened their first set with the two main songs off their ‘Three Letters’ album – the songs were ‘Gravity’ and ‘Built An Empty Home’. Both very autobiographical, honest songs, these were songs that the two core members of CF wrote about each other as part of a concept album about their love life.

In between originals they dipped into the covers, playing a nice version of a Cyndi Lapur 80s song ‘Time After Time’ which can be found on an early College Fall Demo.

Switching between male and Female vocals it made for a variation on pop songwriting, which can be a little vanilla flavoured, in the sense it’s not hugely original in the song structure or sound. However tunes win the day in this case, and the strong pop songwriting of the duo won over more fans tonight, evident by the selling of a few albums in the break.

Set 2 held more covers and originals – including Musto playing songs from his previous bands, The Nordeens and Showbag.

A nice way to spend Sunday Afternoon. Enjoy a sunday session at pubs like this with some quality original music. Don’t be ashamed to call for Chisel or Crowded House either. Or Rage Against The Machine. Yes, this acoustic duo, do a cover of RATM’s most famous song ‘Killing In the Name Of’. Needs to be heard by Rage fans, it’s definitely an unique version.


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