Leo’s Top 5 Local Releases for 2008

1 Birds Of Tokyo – Universes
Birds of Tokyo released their first album in early 2007, and then quickly released their second in 2008. It’s a big step up from the first, darker and heavier but still accessible like the debut, it’s a great example of how to write pop/rock songs.

The birds keep growing and growing – nearly selling out Fremantle Metropolis twice in four days – thats nearly 2000 people – they’ve come a long in only 4 years since playing their first show at the Newport in 2004. With Singles Broken Bones and Sillouetic, plus other tracks like ‘Ode To Death’ and ‘Head In My Hands’ this was easily my favourite local release in 2008.

2 Mo Wilson And The Drivers – Learn To Dance
Piano based rock with a blues edge, this album was a grower on me, but it gave the good. A band to see live, they have a real old fashioned sound in a way, yet sound so fresh. There’s some great songs on the disc – though the lyrics aren’t the best – the stand out track for me being ‘Come In Feeling’

3 College Fall – Eleven Letters
An album written about two lovers (who are the two main members of the band) this is a very personal release. More cheesy than Musto’s old band Showbag and Bartlett’s band Josivac, it still however a decent pop record.

4 Clare Nina Norelli – Piano Noir
Formerly Nina X, Clare is a solo vocalist/pianist. With her virtuoso piano playing it makes for one of the more interesting solo acts around town, topped with a fantastic voice as well. This is her first EP.

5 Project Mayhem –
They won the Next Big Thing in 2008, and really stole the show with an energetic live show on the night at the final. They’ve got the whole fun rock vibe with a touch of punk, which you could see going down a treat at a summer festival.