Digital Music

Digital music
I love buying new music. My preferred way of getting new music is buying cds. Once an obvious statement, sayiing that I buy cds, nowadays the other options are downloading illegally or payiing to purchase them online through websites such as Itunes,.

The buying of cds seems to be changing. The evolution of buying music has always changed. Up until I was 16 I bought albums on cassette. For the christmas that year, I got my first CD and soon after purchased my own CD player. That’s 16 years of buying compact discs.

Lately I felt a dilemma. I still love buying music in this format, but I worry that CDs are dying out. I guess I like to be able to go to a shop, especially when it’s a small independent shop where I know the staff who work there, where I can ask for recommendations, or listen to CDs on the listening racks.

But why buy music when you can download it for free off the net? Or why buy an album in hard copy when it’s going to go straight to your mp3 player? Soon there won’t be any small iindependent shops to buy your music.

It’s great being able to get music so instantly and from all over the world, and with the download speeds we can download massive of music in seconds. There’s sites such as myspace and last.fm where we can stream and listen to music without havign to download.

Mp3 players are great. You can thousands of songs with you, it’s like a jokebox in your pocket. Though I find it makes me impatient. I don’t listen to a whole album when I am listening to mp3s, especially on my iriver. Is the album dying?

Though it makes me wonder. Will the only way to purchase new music be one day through a computer usiing the internet?