New Band Profile: Trepanning

Band Members:
Neil Hewson – bass guitar and vocals
Kristan Figgins – guitars and vocals
Kim Wisniewski – drums and electronics

We’re still working with the possibility of bringing in a fourth member, for live shows. Many songs we do different as a three piece and at least one track we’ve never done live.

Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Tool, Faith No More, Red Hot Chilli’s, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Mr Bungle, Deftones, Incubus, The Church, Gish Era Pumpkins, Midnight Oil, Neil Young, Jerry Cantrell, Art Blakey, Dance and Techno.

Some songs are moody and brooding while others are more upbeat rock. Some in the pipeline are much more progressive and unique than what we’re doing now. So today maybe I’ll just call it rock, as encompassing as that word is. You could probably put all our influences on a page and draw an axis. We would be just another speck on there somewhere.

Why The name:
We wanted something multidimensional that exists back as far as you can see.

How the band started:
We all were introduced through a friend I think when we were all like 17 or 18 or something. We ended up doing some gigs around Perth as a four piece Caboodle. We had some pretty good songs, sometimes our live act was a bit hit and miss but we still had fun. Caboodle fizzled. Ten years later, the three of us remaining were always writing new material and talking about getting something new together so Trepanning was born.

Upcoming gigs:
None planned. We’ve tested the waters at Mojo’s Bar and Swan this year which has been really great, albeit short sets. For the next couple of months, we’ll be heading back underground to concentrate on getting the fresh recordings done.


MP3s online:
We did a full length demo CD in 2004-2005. Our web presence is still carrying some of these old demo recordings. We played one of those old songs “Humble Pie” last night at the Mojo’s bar and it was the most well received song of the night. For this half of 2008 we entirely focused on recording an EP of new material, 6 or 7 of our strongest tracks. We’re also working towards completing videos for each track.

Contact Details:
Contact us through


New Band Profile: Greyland

New Band Profile: Greyland

Whatever happened to that band Seraphim? Well, they parted ways early in 2006, re-forming for a last gig in July 2006 at Freo Metro’s to see off guitarist Roland who was off to Singapore to do his army service.

Darrell has been spotted playing guitar for Myles Vincent and Hannah has played the odd solo show…and now Darrell and Hannah have got a new band together: Greyland.

Band Members:
Primarily me (Darrell) and Hannah, but we alternate members live for shows and aren’t afraid to collaborate. All production, recording and compositions are mainly done by us.

Decoder Ring, Jakob, Explosions in the Sky, Tori Amos, Sigur Ros

Bands that members were in previously?
We were both in local band Seraphim, although Hannah had a band before that called Blanket Show and supported the Panics at one stage. I’ve been in a few bands before too, namely Trash Madonna for a while after Seraphim made a split.

Favourite Perth Bands?
Bands we gigged with in the days of Seraphim were always our favourites, but sadly most of them have made a split which is really terrible to hear. Bands like Antistatic, Hope here Gone, Heavyweight Champ, Celladore, Subtruck were all bands we dug and respected.

The only bands still around from our era are Birds of Tokyo and Dyscord, and they’ve pretty much skyrocketed in the local scene and are really carrying the flag high for their music. We loved them to death back then, and still do now! I guess bands which we really admire that are still around would be Cease, Radarmaker, The Wire Complex, Nina-x, Tragic Delicate. Any band trying to do things differently without any external fears.

Where does your band name come from?
It comes from not having boundaries or pre-emptive judgments of where things will go in the writing process. Everything we do is in a grey area whether it be live, or in a recording format. It touches on trip-hop, rock, electro to soundscape, while still maintaining an overall distinctive sound and mood.

Our choice not to adhere to any genre constrictions is without bitterness or cynicism, its just how we love things.

Upcoming gigs:

Debut @ The Bakery Wednesday 14th November w/ Tragic Delicate, Nix, Nina-X, as part of Artrage’s Alphabet City Festival.
Brainhorn Reunion Show @ The Rosemount, Wednesday 28th November w/ The Robot Invasion (vic)


MP3’s online:

Contact Details:

New Band Profile: 6000 Red

New Band Profile: 6000 Red

Band Name:

6000 Red

Band Members:
Geoff Baker & Seanne Chamberlain


New Order, Felix Da Housecat, Tori Amos, NIN, Aphex Twin, JIll Scott, Jeff Buckley, Plump Djs

Favourite Perth Bands:

Tomas Ford, Brash and Sassy, DXU 555, Electric Limousine, Druid Lee Roth

Where does your band name come from:

Perth Postcode and .. well.. Red !?!

Upcoming gigs:

Friday 31st August

EP Launch

The Bakery

Friday 7th September
Velvet lounge

Website: (almost completed)

MP3’s online:

I wanna be like you, Seems to be, Hazy world (3 more to come)

Contact Details:
Seanne Chamberlain 0419 331 885

New Band Profile for November: Mia Brine

Name: Mia Brine

Band Members: me

Influences: Steve Reich. Imogen Heap, Sting

Favourite Perth Bands: The Roast, Schvendes, Nina.X

Where does your band name come from: My birth certificate

Upcoming gigs: Nov 23rd 7.15pm Vic Park Hotel, Dec 23rd 8pm Velvet Lounge


MP3’s online: (song names)
Broken Dreams, Mind Over Matter, Never Good Enough, I can’t wait.

Contact Details:
Mb: 0438574791

Mia 🙂

New Band Profile for September – The Government

New Band Profile For September: The GovernmentBand Name: The Government

Band Members: Jenna Hardie (vocals, guitar), Sarah Norton (vocals, bass), Anthony Chiovitti (lead guitar), Chris Howe (drums).

There’s a little bit of a\nlot of influence… just to name a few…..Pixies, Queens of the Stone\nAge, Howling Bells, The Screaming Trees and so many more, being the LOVERS of\nrock that we are!!!

Favourite Perth bands:
Mink Mussel Creek, The Fuzz, From the Skies, The Avenues, The Flairz, Little\nBirdy, Sleepy
Jackson, The Sugar Army, Snowman.

There are ROCK songs, there are\nMOODY songs, and there is even a song we like to refer to as THE EPIC.

Where does\nyour band name from :
Jenna\nand Bruna after a big night out (Jenna’s birthday 2005) sat down and\nworkshop-d the band names over and over until we came up with The\nGovernment… and that was it… the name of the band… you gotta\nlove the gov!!!

Upcoming gigs:
Thursday 7 September at Norfolk\nBasement Bar with Jeff Strong, Dave Pensabene and DJ Skatergirl

Thursday 21 September at Hyde\nPark Hotel, supporting DAY OF THE DEAD (free entry)

Thursday 5 October at Mojos Bar

Website: :

Mp3s: not yet… they are on the way… we are planning to hit a studio and record a demo in the next couple of months and then we’ll post it on our myspace for your listening pleasure.

New Band Profile for August – Chelsea Lights

Band Name: Chelsea Lights

Band Members: Matt Douglas (Vocals) Benjamin Dylan (Guitar) Paul Evans (Bass/Piano) Dave Fiora (Drums)

Influences: no defining one… R.E.M., Death Cab For Cutie, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, The Cure, Whiskeytown, U2, Snow Patrol, Shins, Travis, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Stars.

Favourite Perth bands: The Avenues, The Preytells, Eskimo Joe, Shakedown, The Colors

Style: Have quite a bit of variety between our songs but we guess everything falls under the general umbrella of a big/sparse melodic pop/rock sound. We try to be as passionate and honest with our songs and transfer that onto the stage.

Where does your band name from: C’mon we need to maintain some kind of mystery… : )

Upcoming gigs: Gigantic single launch at the Newport on Sunday August 6th with Faith In Plastics and Sugar Army. Doors open 6pm and entry is Free! launch party at Swan Basement on Saturday August 19th with Grand Central, Razorlily and Blackmilk.


MP3s: 4 demos can be downloaded from our myspace. The songs have evolved quite a bit since then (as will be heard on our EP due to be released later this year) but give a good general idea.

Contact Details: We love getting feedback and thoughts so leave us a comment or message on myspace. For bookings contact Ben at or 0408-909-2

New Band Profile:Solarii

Band Name: Solarii (so-la-ree)

Band Members:
Ben Stout: Vocals, Guitars
Greg Turner : Drums
Kevin O’Sullivan: Bass


Including (but by no means limited to:)
The Tea Party, Tool, Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, Silverchair, Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins


A bit hard to pigeon hole us, but somewhere at extremes within the realm of Alternative /Rock /Acoustic / Folk/Prog…

Where does your band name come from?
The concept of the name is based around our sun (which actually has the astronomical name “Sol”) as a kind of metaphor for music as a whole, as a source of creation/creativity and energy/emotion… (and we just thought the “double i” thing was cool… hehe)

Upcoming gigs:
Saturday 10th June – The Coolbellup Hotel ( w/ Love In An Ambulance, Ura, TBC – Doors open 8pm, free entry)

18th June – Swan Basement ( w/ Cypher, Broken April, Milkless Fridge – Doors open 6pm, $6 entry)

Friday 4th August – Swan Basement (details TBC)

Wednesday 16th August – Rosemount Hotel ( w/ Screwtop Detonators, The Bullet Holes, Eve’s Arrival – Doors open 8pm, $4 entry)

Thursday 17th August – Mojo’s Bar (w/ Love In An Ambulance, Nix, Eve’s Arrival, further details TBC)
(under construction)


Contact Details:

Postal: PO Box 857, Fremantle WA 6959
Mb: 0408902543 (Greg)

New Band Profile: Papertrail

Band Name: Papertrail

Band Members: Paul Petropulos (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Jason Chin (electric guitar), Paul Speering (bass guitar) & Clive Workum (drums and percussion)

Influences: Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Something for Kate, Crowded House, Midnight Oil, John Butler Trio, Oasis

Style: Acoustic Pop/Rock

Where does your band name from: Its one of those names that can mean so many different things, we prefer to leave it up to the listener to decide.

Upcoming gigs:
Sunday 9th April, 2006
Hyde Park Hotel
331 Bulwer St
West Perth WA 6005

Sunday 14th May, 2006
Swan Basement @ The Swan Hotel
201 Queen Victoria St
North Fremantle WA 6159

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MP3s: Who Woulda Known, Cry Wolf, Without You, Call Out, Pea in the Pod, Open Doors, If Ever

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MP3s: Who Woulda Known, Cry Wolf, Without You, Call Out, Pea in the Pod, Open Doors, If Ever

Contact Details:
Paul Speering,
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Mob: 0417185505