Live Review: Kav Temperley @ The Norfolk Basement

Kav Temperley / Steve Parkin / Leena / Paul Wood
Norfolk Basement
Thursday 22nd September 2005
Review by Leo Abbs

The Norfolk Basement is fast becoming a popular spot for Freo music fans as there has been great lineups of late. Tonight was no exception, an acoustic lineup headlined by Kav Temperley from Eskimo Joe.

Woody (Paul Wood from Red Jezebel) was playing when I came down the stairs into the venue. Perched on a stool, He quietly made his way through his set. I couldn’t but help think of his early days in Red Jez, with his high pitched girly sounding vocals and compare it to the present where his voice with age was considerable deeper. As far as his music went I didn’t see enough of Woody to have a strong opinion in fact it felt a bit boring but my German Friend Jan seemed to like it.

Leena was the next performer and the immediate difference was noted when she chose to stand. An energetic performer, she has been gigging frequently around town of late and this experience showed tonight in a strong performance. She has a liking to explain the songs, and when one of them finishes by her saying ‘that song nearly makes me cry’ it makes the listener appreciate the effort she puts into her songs. Her lyrics and guitar playing is simple but the honesty she puts into her performance is worth seeing.

‘I’m playing scotch and dry interpretations of the songs from my album tonight’

Was what Steve Parkin said to the crowd after his first song. Steve has a lot of charisma on stage and watching him solo is a great way to hear his work. He introduced himself as ‘Thirsty Steve’ and took a sip of his drink and then played ‘golf ball on the moon’. Could someone explain what that song is about?

He is sounding a lot less like the Beatles these day and more, Parkin like. Lyricwise he has some interesting point of views about the world and even when chooses to cover songs he gives them his own stamp.

Kav was dressed in a Skeleton top tonight which was ironic as tonight he would be exposing the bare bones of the new Eskimo Joe songs. I expected all the songs to be new tracks, but he played 4 songs off ‘A Song is a City’ opening with ‘Come Down’.

Armed with a fantastic voice, it’s great to see he and his band ditched the joke band idea long ago as the songs are so much better these days. When he introduced one of the new songs, he also invited the two other members of his band, Joel and Stu to join him. So we were treated to Eskimo Joe unplugged for only six bucks.

Some of the possible new album tracks played tonight were ‘New York’, ‘Pressure’ (co written with friends in the Freo music scene), ‘Suicide girl’ and ‘Black Fingernails, red wine’. The night finished off with Steve Parkin joining Mr Temperley for a rendition of ‘Car Crash’.

Once again, a fantastic way to spend a Thursday night at the Norfolk.