Leo’s Top 5 Local Releases for 2008

1 Birds Of Tokyo – Universes
Birds of Tokyo released their first album in early 2007, and then quickly released their second in 2008. It’s a big step up from the first, darker and heavier but still accessible like the debut, it’s a great example of how to write pop/rock songs.

The birds keep growing and growing – nearly selling out Fremantle Metropolis twice in four days – thats nearly 2000 people – they’ve come a long in only 4 years since playing their first show at the Newport in 2004. With Singles Broken Bones and Sillouetic, plus other tracks like ‘Ode To Death’ and ‘Head In My Hands’ this was easily my favourite local release in 2008.

2 Mo Wilson And The Drivers – Learn To Dance
Piano based rock with a blues edge, this album was a grower on me, but it gave the good. A band to see live, they have a real old fashioned sound in a way, yet sound so fresh. There’s some great songs on the disc – though the lyrics aren’t the best – the stand out track for me being ‘Come In Feeling’

3 College Fall – Eleven Letters
An album written about two lovers (who are the two main members of the band) this is a very personal release. More cheesy than Musto’s old band Showbag and Bartlett’s band Josivac, it still however a decent pop record.

4 Clare Nina Norelli – Piano Noir
Formerly Nina X, Clare is a solo vocalist/pianist. With her virtuoso piano playing it makes for one of the more interesting solo acts around town, topped with a fantastic voice as well. This is her first EP.

5 Project Mayhem –
They won the Next Big Thing in 2008, and really stole the show with an energetic live show on the night at the final. They’ve got the whole fun rock vibe with a touch of punk, which you could see going down a treat at a summer festival.

Music As An Insomnia Remedy a Joke?

I found this article on the internet. I thought it was interesting. Another indication of the powerfulness of music.


Music As an Insomnia Remedy a Joke?
By Cazza Burke Platinum Quality Author

There is a different insomnia remedy to be used in different conditions, such as remedies medications, relaxation methods, mechanical devices, and set routines that can relax the mind so the person can get to sleep each night. One treatment method that is often used is using music as an insomnia remedy.

Why Use Music?

Using music as an insomnia remedy has been used throughout history for many different types of sleep disorders. When persons of royalty had difficulty sleeping, they often called for musicians to play music that was relaxing and soothing until they could go to sleep. Today, mothers sing their kids soothing songs to lull them to sleep and many people choose to sleep with their bedside radio on a radio station that plays soothing music to help them get to sleep. Using music continues to be a popular method for easing a person into sleep.

There are a number of different musicians that play music that can be used as a remedy. Some of these songs can be bought at local music stores or retailers that have a section for music in their stores. Because this type of music is not really popular on radio stations, many people choose to purchase a CD of the songs to play at night to make it easier for them to get to sleep. The type of music that the person chooses depends on their personal preference of what type of music would be the most soothing as an insomnia remedy.

There are many different types of music that can be used. The most popular choices are instrumental melodies that are soft and calming to the mind. These songs will typically have no words in the song to break up the flow of the melody and the music is designed to clear your mind to the point where all that you hear is the calming nature of the music.

Some instrumental melodies use gentle sounding instruments, such as pianos, saxophones, and flutes, to creating relaxing music that can be used as an insomnia remedy. There are no harsh sounds or loud instruments to reduce the relaxation of the music and the tone of the music will flow gently in and out with the melody. The music will release the tension of the muscles in the body and relax the mind enough so the person can have a deep and restful sleep for the entire night.

Cazza Burke is a full time beauty consultant in San Diego, CA. Check out these great Cures For Snoring or more specific Snoring Remedies advice.

Boom Town Rocks!

Boom Town Rocks

This ol’ town will pick you up

Let you feel safe and sound
Tell you everything you want
And then drop you to the ground

But I don’t care, I don’t care
Fuck you, I won’t EVER be a fool again
I don’t care, I don’t care.

And after all this time you just don’t get it
And that’s what I find so pathetic….

Boom town rocks
In your face
All this bullshit’s a disgrace
But that’s just fine
I will rise
Like a phoenix from the pyre

And I don’t care, I don’t care
Fuck you I won’t ever be a slave again
I don’t care, I don’t care…

And this might come as quite a shock
But I have given all I’ve got.

Boom Town Rocks.

Tracksuit by Jebediah lyrics

Well I don’t want to make things bad
But these last few weeks are the worst I’ve had
And that’s really sad, it’s really sad, you know – woah!

Because I knew what we were gonna say
And I didn’t want it to end that way
Like on a winters day, but that’s okay
Because I’ve got my tracksuit ready on

Don’t give me your friends
Yeah they’re driving me round the bend
I just wanted some time alone
So we could sort this thing out, lifes a rolling stone

So I’ll take you for an elephant ride
And I’ll show you things that I feel inside
Yeah that’s what I’ll do, cos I like you
And I don’t wanna let things slide


So I hope everything’s alright
Because I know I won’t see you tonight
I just turn out the light and fall asleep
Without a peep

And when I wake up with my tracksuit on
Well then I’ll know that you’ve been away too long
So I’ll play a song, I’ll play a song
And I’ll dedicate it just for you

Can we still be friends
Yeah that’s all that we’ve got in the end
But I’ve been secretly holding out
That some day you will say you want more than that

So I’ll take you for an elephant ride
And I’ll show you things that I feel inside
Yeah that’s what I’ll do, cos I like you
And I don’t wanna let things slide


Leo’s Top 5 Perth Songs From The 90s

Top 5 Songs I liked back in the 90’s when I was more indie than now…

1. Cinema Prague – Finale
Cinema Prague were one of the first bands I discovered on the local scene. A friend gave a mix of two of their CD’s. It took me a while to warm to them. It wasn’t until I saw them live at city farm in 1998 headlining a gig with a band called Eskimo Joe playing before them. I was blown away by their playing. Amazing musos.

Finale was released in the nordensost in 1998 I like this one the best because it’s about the end..,.what ever that ending may be. It’s just a great fun song, which sums up Prague. Nicely.

‘In the end, I’ll probably cry, when I have to say goodbye.’

2. Three Orange Whips – French Movie
I was a mad three orange whips fan. Almost to the point of embarrassment. I danced to the front of the Grosvenor with one other person – prozac boy – early 1998. I’d fallen for another local band. At first appearance I described them as interesting punk band- they definitely were more a solid rock ‘n’ roll band. They were messy, but a fantastic live band which was so entertaining, you never knew what would go wrong at a whips gig…but something always did and it was always unexpected but hilarious.

French Movie was released on their debut ep ‘ladies and gentleman’ it was also on the WAMI Compilation of 1999. It’s a great pop song.

3. Turnstyle – I’m A Bus.
If there was one band that epitomised the indie perth scene of the late 90s. They were so indie. I really liked them, they were nerdy and uncool that they were lovable. They had some top pop songs. I’m a Bus even had a dance written along to it with dance steps and all.

Please email me if you still remember how to do it.

4. Jebediah – Feet Touch The Ground
This was a track of The Jebs second album ‘of someday shambles’. After their successful first album. It was probably the most personal of Jebediah’s songs and for that reason i liked it. It’s a sad song but well written.

5. Team Jedi – Beat Inside Your Mind
Something about this song struck me. It was during team jedi’s keyboard stage. When they probably sounded most cheesy but the keyboards really worked well on the moodier songs, and it’s my favourite period of the band. This song was track 7 on their second EP and it was sung by their drummer, not the lead vocalist.

Great track. About minds. They’re pretty amazing minds you know.

Team Jedi, yeah they were alright…for an emo band. Of course the emo tag didn’t exist then.But this song’s a good un.

Leo Says: Remember 1999?

Remember 1999?

Eskimo Joe were still a joke band, the loft was the place to go after gigs, The Grosvenor was the main venue in town. The Rosemount had the stage the other side of the room, with that big pole on the stage. John Butler played regularly mid week at Mojo’s. There was a colour WAMI booklet sponsored by iinet advertising ‘Fast 56k modems’.

Amplifier didn’t exist. 78 Records still had free gigs upstairs every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Sleepy Jackson were called You Am I ripoffs and no one really knew who the lead singer was, let alone that he had a sister.

Bands moved to Melbourne to break up.

Everyone wondered what would happened after midnight on December 31st. Y2k bug was the topic everyone had an opinion. A time of paranoia? 1999 was perhaps the only year, where people planned their new year’s eve, 9 months before hand.

Three Orange Whips drank a lot of beer and also played a lot of shows, love Camp 7 shared considerable amount of bills with them. they covered a song from each other’s band.

Warped came to town, and there were a few non-punk bands. Pop-punk was at it’s height of popularity.

The last Mudslinger was held at Murdoch Uni. A new festival called Rock-It was started by the same promoters, the first one being held in Joondalup.

It was a pretty rad time, now I think about it.

Leo Says: You’re crap unless you are on the radio

I read someone’s blog a few months ago. They said they heard a local performer and was surprised how good he was. They said they thought people who didn’t get played on (commercial) radio were no good, but this guy was actually good.

It seems this is not an uncommon thought. For example Bob Evans is now getting played on commerical radio (including 94.5 and sunshine I’m told0 and is pulling big crowds. Well deserved success. He’s pulling big crowds and people love hearing his album songs live.

The odd thing is, performers often perform previews of albums up a to year before the album is released. Quite a few of the songs of ‘suburban songbook’ i heard in early 1995 at a wami show. Also, eskimo joe’s new album is massive. And it costs something like 30 dollars to see them. yet Kav was playing solo shows around Perth for less than ten dollars playing most of the songs from ‘blackfingernails, Red wine’ in the year before it was released.

So I guess the morale of this column today, is don’t wait until a band gets played on the radio, if someone tells you a band is awesome (Like Dee Dee Dums – they were awesome at the swan last night) go and check them out. You don’t need to own an album or hear them on 96fm and fork out 30 bucks and be in a squashed shitty nightclub, to see a good show.