Video: Karnivool on USA Tour

Karnivool are currently on their first USA Tour. This video finds them in Florida. Who ever is doing this filming, is doing a great job. Best of luck in the US fellas! So good to see… – if you go to the ‘vool myspace, there is two more tour videos, with more on the way.

Video: Matt Irvin – Need You To Know

Matt Irvin is currently on a year long world tour. He was first based in New York when he movd over in March. Currently in Los Angeles, California, his schedule looks something like this accordig to his myspace.

Matt plays guitar, lap steel, trumpet and sings.

he used to book gigs at the Swan Hotel. Best wishes on your travels Matty!

Tour plans
The touring schedule for 2007 is looking as follows:
NYC– March thru June
Central & Eastern Canada- July
Manitoba- August/Sept
Western Canada (Winnipeg to Vancouver)- Sept/Oct
California- November
South Africa- December
Australia (East & West Coast)- Jan thru Feb