New Band Profile: Greyland

New Band Profile: Greyland

Whatever happened to that band Seraphim? Well, they parted ways early in 2006, re-forming for a last gig in July 2006 at Freo Metro’s to see off guitarist Roland who was off to Singapore to do his army service.

Darrell has been spotted playing guitar for Myles Vincent and Hannah has played the odd solo show…and now Darrell and Hannah have got a new band together: Greyland.

Band Members:
Primarily me (Darrell) and Hannah, but we alternate members live for shows and aren’t afraid to collaborate. All production, recording and compositions are mainly done by us.

Decoder Ring, Jakob, Explosions in the Sky, Tori Amos, Sigur Ros

Bands that members were in previously?
We were both in local band Seraphim, although Hannah had a band before that called Blanket Show and supported the Panics at one stage. I’ve been in a few bands before too, namely Trash Madonna for a while after Seraphim made a split.

Favourite Perth Bands?
Bands we gigged with in the days of Seraphim were always our favourites, but sadly most of them have made a split which is really terrible to hear. Bands like Antistatic, Hope here Gone, Heavyweight Champ, Celladore, Subtruck were all bands we dug and respected.

The only bands still around from our era are Birds of Tokyo and Dyscord, and they’ve pretty much skyrocketed in the local scene and are really carrying the flag high for their music. We loved them to death back then, and still do now! I guess bands which we really admire that are still around would be Cease, Radarmaker, The Wire Complex, Nina-x, Tragic Delicate. Any band trying to do things differently without any external fears.

Where does your band name come from?
It comes from not having boundaries or pre-emptive judgments of where things will go in the writing process. Everything we do is in a grey area whether it be live, or in a recording format. It touches on trip-hop, rock, electro to soundscape, while still maintaining an overall distinctive sound and mood.

Our choice not to adhere to any genre constrictions is without bitterness or cynicism, its just how we love things.

Upcoming gigs:

Debut @ The Bakery Wednesday 14th November w/ Tragic Delicate, Nix, Nina-X, as part of Artrage’s Alphabet City Festival.
Brainhorn Reunion Show @ The Rosemount, Wednesday 28th November w/ The Robot Invasion (vic)


MP3’s online:

Contact Details:


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