Venue Profile: Swan Basement

Where is the venue situated?
In lush North Fremantle. 200m from the Swan River, 800m from the beach.

201 Queen Victoria St North Freo

How long has it had live bands playing there?
Since November 2002, official re-opening Jan 03. Previously THE CAVE bar but had not been in operation for 5-8yrs, before that it was a well known venue for hard blues style and big crowds on sundays

Is the venue public transport accessible?

Most definitely, the Transperth 99/98 circle route stops right out the front!

Is a short 800m walk from the north fremantle train station.

so you got two options!

What nights does the venue have original bands?
Swan Basement- regular- THurs- Sunday but sometimes wednesday..depending on event and time of year

upstairs is tues-sunday

What genres play at the venue?
all! one weekend we had JET play on Friday and on Saturday was KING MARONG and his african druming & Dancing show. really from metal to world music!

What hours is the venue open?
8-12am thurs
830-1am- fri & sat
5-10 sunday

How big is the venue?
medium size venue.

What nights does the venue have original bands?
Sunday but sometimes wednesday (depending on

event and time of year).

Northbank Bar (acoustic upstairs) is tuesday to Sunday.

How do you get a gig there?
it is much easier if you can hit me with a line up, then i can just hand over a date.

If you want your band in a bill, then I either have to build the line up for you or find a spot to slot you in (that suits your music)

> Contact:nigel
> Phone:93352017 (mondays)
> Address:201 Queen Victoria St Nth Fremantle


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