Live Review: Little Birdy Single Launch

Little Birdy Cd Launch
Amplifier Bar
Saturday 16th September
Review and Photos by Dylan McArdle

Promoted as a single launch for the tune ‘Come on, Come on’ the gig was more of a preview of little birdy’s up coming album.

Jeff Strong opened proceedings in what can be a tough spot, especially when you give the impression you’re just going to be a boring, time-filler act. But Jeff showed he had charisma and personality and was actually entertaining. The acoustic, folky sounds of Jeff were upbeat and he was lively in between songs. He was also joined by two backing vocalists (his band members?), Matt Delahunty and Jeff’s girlfriend for a couple of songs.

One Horse Town
filled the middle spot tonight and for the recent Australian tour. It’s evident of the community spirit in Perth music, where, when it comes to choosing a band to take on tour, that you think highly enough of your mates to take them with you. Tonight, they hardly put a foot wrong.

As well as demonstrating the best tracks from their recently released album, OHT showed they have some new material up their sleeves and added a couple of new tracks into the set. Sascha’s baritone guitar playing impressed and Ronan Charles plays the keyboard quite unlike anyone else, including using his feet at times. While ‘Havana’ may have got a WAM song contest nomination it is the song ‘Holiday’ that iwas the icing on the cake to a fast passed, lively set. OHT were sure to have won some new fans with that performance.

It’s been a few years since this reviewer seen the Little Birdy play live and I was impressed by their new sound. The Live line-up with Fergus on Keyboards, was well utilised tonight with the keys playing a more dominant role, leaving the new songs sounding more poppy and less country influenced. And Katie Steele may be diminutive in size, but she sure packs a big punch on stage.

The new single ‘Come On Come On’, played early in the set was an example of this new sound and it’s certainly very catchy. Katie was playing the guitar less and that gave her the freedom to move around on stage more.

There was a range of tunes tonight early tracks like ‘Relapse’ through to first album cuts, to new songs off their yet-to-be-released second album ‘Hollywood’. They also covered Gyroscope’s ‘Beware Wolf’, describing the Gyro boys as ‘one of their favourite bands’. The cover sounded darker and more sultry than the original, showing the number of different styles of sound the Birdy crew can play.

Katie had the crowd eating out of her hand all night, or as it was, waving their hands in the air on cue. To finish off, they walked off stage and came back for an oh-so predictable encore. Though it was worth it, with the band getting stuck into ‘Beautiful to Me’ and finishing off by doing of a version of ‘Six Months in a Leaky Boat’ in a way that Split Enz would be proud.

For more photos from the night go to:


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